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About us

For years I was reading magazines and websites that talked about fashion in a way that made you feel that you don’t belong into their world. So one day, out of nowhere, I decided to start a blog and talk about fashion for real people who live in the real world… who don’t wear size 6… who don’t make enough money to buy a designer's bag… and still love fashion and try to play with it in an exciting and genuine way!

Meet the team

Georgia Michalopoulou (a.k.a Droula)
Founder – Editor in chief
Her nickname “Droula” has its origin at the Greek word “hodroula” which means little chubby girl. She started calling herself like that, when she was trying to describe the fact that she is not fashionably thin but not very big either.
She was born in U.S.A but spent most of her life in Greece studying music and working for big entertainment companies. At some point she decided to make a big change… so she relocated herself in London, she took fashion courses and she is currently working in retail. She loves shopping and she is always after the next big bargain. One day she hopes she will be able to buy a classic pink Channel suit, but until then you will find her wondering around the high street or in the narrow streets of Bricklane, looking for the next big offer.

Lina Grivogianni
Fashion Editor
Lina was born in Athens where she still lives trying to make the best out of a city that had such a difficult time the last few years. She studied journalism and she works as a fashion editor in many websites in Greece.
She considers herself a fashion addict but she’s more of a vintage-retro person than a follow the trends one. She never leaves the house without a red lipstick in her bag and doesn’t let anyone touch her mother’s black and gold pashmina as she considers it her most valuable piece in her wardrobe.

Athina Kotsia
Social Media and Marketing Guru
Athina was born in Athens and studied Psychology, even though she refuses to analyze anyone. Instead, she followed her passion and she worked for hip music bands, for big venues and anything involving music and entertainment.
Now, she lives in London where she studies music business management and works in the entertainment field. She hates shopping and she is not afraid to say it. Her dream is to work as a manager of Arctic Monkeys so she’ll earn enough money to hire a personal shopper. She is obsessed with white t-shirts and she loves her red lipstick as it save her the trouble of experimenting with eye shadow.

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  1. Artemis StamatopoulouNovember 27, 2014 at 8:18 AM

    Best of luck to the project!