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Winter’s must haves: What you need in your wardrobe for winter.

Every season has their must haves. All those key pieces that we need to get through the season with style. 
Think of the summer time without sandals: unacceptable! 
So, what are the” must haves” for this season? 
Lay down on your sofa… take a cup of tea or coffee and start reading: 

It’s a fact: We can never have enough shoes!! So, boots is definitely a necessity in the winter time. You need to have a pair of flat boots and a pair with heels depends on the “height” you can manage…   

This season’s trend is the over the knee boots but you have to have long legs to make them work. So be careful before you buy them…
And of course let’s not forget the ankle boots. You need a flat pair for your everyday casual looks and a pair with a thin high heel for your night outs… 

Skirts and dresses
I’m addicted to dresses and I love wearing skirts, so no wonder I suggest you fill your closet with both! But for those who are not addicted like me… I would recommend the classic black dress (if you don’t already own one), one floral dress that will brighten those moody winter days and will make your outfit more girly and of course the knit dress which is a big trend this season and will keep you warm. 

Regarding the skirts… a black pencil skirt is always necessary and you can wear it at work or at your big night out. A mini jean skirt is an ideal choice for your everyday looks and you can style it with leggings if you feel there are things you need to hide… And yes, winter time is perfect for a tutu skirt, especially if you want to wow everyone on a night out. 

Beyond our classic pair of jeans that every women’s closet has, the big must have this season is leather pants. The safest choice is in black or navy blue color but you can also try more earthy tones like brown, beige or plum. Don’t try too bright colors, unless you are one of the Spice Girls! 

The coat
If you want something to keep you warm all day long you have to choose a coat that flatters your body shape and don’t get distracted by the fashion trends. You must always have in your closet a coat in a black color that is so classic and elegant. As an alternative choice you can choose a cloak style coat in a bright color or an impressive print. 

By Lina Grivogianni

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