Can I wear the spring 2014 trends?

Spring is just around the corner. It's difficult to realise it, especially in London where we are still wearing heavy coats, scarfs and gloves, but its true: Spring will eventually come and the fashion world has already presented this year's spring trends. But can chubby girls like us wear them?

1. Bold colors

Spring this year is all about colors and we shouldn't be afraid of them. 
We all know that darker colors make us look thinner but there is one particular color that looks good on us and matches like a glove. 
We might never find our other half in the world, but we'll definetely find our matching color! 

 Especially this year, designers are using colors in such an amazing and smart way that we don't have to be dress up like sad widows in the heart of spring! Let's have fun! 

2. The sheers

That's a tricky one. 
Sheer is everywhere this year, but unfortuntely is a difficult trend to follow. 
But nothing is impossible. 
All you have to do is to be careful so the sheer part of the outfit unveils the right part of your body, if you know what I mean... 

3. Metallics

Designers are going crazy with this trend, making our life even more difficult! But when did designers made Droula's life easy? Almost never! 

But then you see Beyonce wearing this gorgeous dress by Vrettos Vrettakos (Go Greece!) and you think that anything is possible. 
Don't be fooled... Beyonce is not chubby. But she has curves and that gives hope to the rest of us. 

Don't give up on the metallic trend yet. An interesting top or a well fitted dress can make us look shinny and fabulous. 

4. Pleats

It seems that the ancient greek fashion style is still inspiring designers. 
This time, pleats are the big trend this season, but is tricky for us Droules. 

Do we really want to add more volume to our figure? 

The safest choice is bigger pleats and thicker fabrics. 

5. The tribal sensation

It looks impressive on the catwalk but are we ready to go on a safari with feathers and other materials that only add volume to our figure?
Maybe we should limit the trend on our accessories... 
The rest we leave it to those skinny girls who we love to hate... 

6. Squares everywhere!!

I have to admit that I love this trend. There's something with squares... something vintage... something girly... my kind of thing! 

But once again we have to be careful with this trend. Big squares might add volume to our figure. Smaller squares are more suitable.

7. Cropped tops!! 

What a nightmare! 
We are trying to smartly cover up our... weaknesses and you're telling us to get our bellies out? Are you crazy? 
Girls, just don't go there... too risky... 

Can't wait for spring. 
I hope it will come soon!