The Cape Trend: wearable or not?

This season if you really want to make a statement with your coat, all the fashion experts recommend the cape.
But the first question to come to my head when I read about new fashion trends, is always the same: Can I actually wear it?
And the answer to that seems to be: yes you can! 
With so many options out there it’s almost certain that you will find something that fits your silhouette and style.
Check my suggestions below and let me know what you think about the cape trend: 

Topshop £85
 A classic choice that never goes out of style. The grey color is very on trend this season and the shape of the cape is so nice that fits most sizes. 

H&M £79.99

A more of a romantic choice… It reminds me all those Hitchcock’s heroines in those fabulous 50’s thriller movies. I would suggest combining it with something colorful but simple underneath.  

Zara £89.99
 Casual but great! I saw a girl yesterday wearing it and it looked even better up close! Note: When you are wearing a cape forget about your satchel bag! It gets too… complicated and the whole look is bad. Try a handbag that you hold on your hand and not on your shoulder.   

Burberry took the cape trend a little bit further and introduced us this beautiful blanket cape which Olivia Palermo totally rocked it! But until we win the lottery so will be able to buy it, let’s check some on budget options: 

Topshop £35
 Very similar to the Burberry blanket, looks great with our favorite jeans. 

Bershka £22.99
 Nice print and even nicer price!

Marks & Spencer £119
 And here is my favorite! It combines the classic coat shape with the blanket cape feel!! The colors look so much better up close and I think it will look great with a belt on the waist! Definitely in my Christmas wish list!