The London Fashion Weekend experience

London Fashion Week happens twice a year in Somerset House. It happens in order for fashion byers and fashion editors to have the chance to watch the new collections of well known designers and spread the word to the rest of the world. 
When London Fashion Week wraps , the set remains the same and the rest of us mortals have the chance to get a glimpse of the fashion world, by watching some of the fashion shows that were presented at Fashion Week but also be a part of interesting discussions about fashion and shop amazing designer clothes in even more amazing discount prices.

So, this was my second time at London Fashion Weekend. I had so much fun the first time that I wanted to live the experience again. 
But everything went wrong from the beginning. The Gold tickets (that give you the right to watch 2 fashion shows) were sold out so I had to buy a Silver ticket (you can only watch one show). 
Then, they run out of goodies for the tote bag that you're entitled to with your ticket. They did reduce the price of the ticket but still: Why run out in the first place? 
And my bad luck continues... the day of the event, it took me 1,5 hours to get there! On a Sunday afternoon! I barely made it to the fashion show! 
So I get there and I realize that there's no seats available and I have to stand for the fashion show! 
If you know how many people "the tent" can accomodate, why sell more tickets in the first place? 

The show was fabulous as always. always has the "eye" to spot the next fashion trends and presents them in the most elegant way. Advanced florals, everyday metallics, monochrome prints and revival of the 70's are the trends that soon will be all over high street. 

So the show ended but heavy raining started!! 
I wanted to buy Maybelline products (one of my favorites) and they told me that because of the rain their machine is not working and they only accept cash! Pfffff... 
I sat on Fernadez and Wells, I drunk a glass of wine to relax, hoping that next time everything will be better... Can't wait for September...