Cleaning my beauty box: My new beauty products!!

Beauty experts suggest we should renew our beauty products quite often and always check on the back of the packaging to see how long we can actually use them. 
But I don't do any of that. 
I rarely renew my beauty products (only when they finish) and I never check the brand's suggestions. 
But I made a big desicion: Even though my beauty products are scattered between London and Athens, I would at least do a big clear out at my so called "beauty box", which contains the products that I use on a regular basis. 
I got rid of ancient eye liners that I never use, I threw away old mascaras and I made disappear all those old lipsticks that I don't even remember their original colour. 
And then, the fun begun! I had to buy new stuff!!!
So the past few weeks I visited all the on budget beauty counters in order to build my new and fresh beauty box. 
Here's what I've purchased and tried so far (more are still to come!):

This is the first time that I buy a Maybelline Mascara and I really like it! The brush is really smooth and easy to use but you need to put quite a few layers of mascara to really see a difference. 

Lately I'm obsessed with eyebrows. Maybe Cara Delavigne had something to do with it?
I'm usually use eyebrow liners but I thought I should test this Brow Perfector by Sleek
I found it more difficult to use than the liner, because it needs more time to get it right, so I will use it on more special occasions when I have more time to experiment.

I kept hearing about dry shampoos in general and since I have very greasy hair, I decided to give it a go and buy one. It's a good solution when you don't have to wash your hair and dry them, but let's face it. Nothing can replace a proper wash. 

I didn't know what to expect when I bought this lip balm and now I can't leave without it! 
Great texture, great colour and it smells amazing! 

I usually don't go crazy with eye shadows, so when I found this palette I instantly grabbed it because I loved the colours and the... price!! (only £4).

Another thing that beauty experts suggest is that we must clean our make up brushes regurarly. But I rarely listen to them. I hope with this cleaner, that is so easy to use, I would clean them more often.  

I'm in love with this nail colour! You don't have to use a base separately, the colour looks amazing and it's really easy to apply. 

One moment of silence please in order to honor this amazing product that changed my life.I have the worst hair in history of bad hair and this amazing product by Percy And Reed transforms them completely. It might be pricey, but its totally worth it! 

Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of this product. The colour is really nice but the texture is so sticky that makes my lips look weird. 

I'm obsessed with this fabulous pencil eyeliner! So easy to apply and with the smudger on the other end you can't go wrong! And because of the 3 for 2 offer, I bought 2 great lip liners too! 

I keep hearing about contouring lately and I have no idea what it is... So I bought this easy to use contour kit, so I can practise while I'm doing my research. Soon I'll post the "results" of my research... 

More beauty purchases at my next payday...