Droules we love: Ashley Graham

In case you don't know, Ashley Graham is an American model and enterpreneur which refuses to be labeled as a plus size model and we love her for it. 
She started modeling at 16 but she became famous when she participated at the controversial Lane Bryant TV commercial that was banned because it was too revealing... 

The amazing thing about Ashley Graham is that she refuses to be labeled. She designs her own lingerie and she promotes a healthy lifestyle without being ashamed of your body and your size. 

Her red carpet style needs some improvement but I'm sure that if she hires the right stylist she will find her unique style on the red carpet as well. 

Nowadays, Ashley breaks every barrier by appearing in editorials at Sports Illustrated and Vogue even though her size is not the acceptable size in those magazines. It's difficult to believe that something would really change into the fashion world regarding sizes, but we can always hope that something will improve and fashion will be more open minded. 

You can check Ashley Graham's lingerie here