How to style: The boho blouse

Dorothy Perkins - £12

Every time I see a boho blouse in a fashion editiorial or at a window display, the first thing that comes to my mind is: Glastonbury. Especially this season where the 70's style is everywhere, the boho blouse takes us back to those Woodstock days. 
But I refuse to give up on such a lovely fashion item so I tried to find different ways to style the boho blouse: 

1. The easy festival way

This is the most common style of the boho blouse. Match it with your denim shorts. If you have big thighs like me, go for a longer version, wear your sandals avoid the usual flowers in your hair (unless you are actually going to Glanstonbury) and you're good to go! 
This look doesn't have to do with festivals. Think summer holidays in an island (preferably Santorini), think a shinny day at Hyde Park or a day trip to Brighton!

2. The effortless way

This style doesn't need a lot of effort to make it work. You can match your blouse with your boyfriend jeans, wear some cool flats, add some fridge to the look (a fringe bag is the easiest way) and you're ready! 

3. The unexpected way
Wearing your boho blouse for a glam night out? It's bold but it can happen! 
Here's the unconvetional combination: Your boho blouse, a pencil skirt (preferably monochrome), metallic heels and you're ready to dazzle!