Solving the mystery of contouring...

I kept hearing about contouring lately and I wanted desperately to know what is this new beauty trick that everyone's talking about.
I started my little research online... I've read a few articles, watched a few tutorials from professional make up artists and finally bought a few products to try on myself and see if it's worth all the buzz.
So if you are a begginner in contouring, like me, here's what I learned about: 

*What is contouring? In simple words is defining the good features of your face. With contouring you emphasize the good sides of your face and you hide your weaknesses. In two words: You are making angles to your face. 

*What is the basic steps? Every make up artist will give you a different version of contouring, some of then might even make look so complicated that you don't want to hear about it ever again, but they all agree that the basic steps are: With the dark powder you draw a line right under your cheekbones, and right under your jawline. You blend it in so it won't look unatural and with the light powder/illuminator you highlight at the top of your cheekbones. You can also draw angles with the dark powder on the sides of your forehead and then blend it in to make it look more natural!

*Can't I use my blush anymore? Of course you can! Just apply it right on your cheekbones and don't forget to blend it in... 

*Is there more I can do with contouring? Yes. Make up artists have many tricks on their sleeves. Slimming your nose... Defining your chin... Making your eyes look bigger... and so much more!  

*What do I need to buy? Luckily for us all the major brands have their own contour kit, which usually contains the dark and the light powder. 
These are the ones that I tried: 

  I have the most challenging face for contouring... I have big cheeks, no angles, and no matter how flawless my base looks in the beggining of the day, in a few hours it gets shiny and red. So, I wasnt really sure what to expect when I start practising with contouring. This one has the two powders, a mirror and a few instructions on how to master the basic steps on contouring. But it didn't really worked for me. I couldn't actually spot any difference to my face. Not even the light/highlight powder give any light to my face. 

Coming in a smaller size than the other two I tried, this contour kit contains a mirror but also a small brush so you can have all that you need in only one kit. But unfortunately this kit didn't work for me either. The dark powder was stronger so I could actually spot the angles to my face but again the lighter one was like it never excisted.

Definetely the best contour kit I tried! This kit contains the two powders, a mirror and really informative instructions on contouring. It was the first time that my face had angles without looking unnatural! The dark powder helped me draw all the neccesary lines but without looking heavy and the light powder does actually highlight as it supposed to! A must buy! 

*What is the most useful thing in contouring? A good brush! Blending is really important, so you need a good brush to do the job... 

*Any last tips? Keep practising! It takes time to find what really works for your face so don't get discouraged... Hang in there!