Style inspiration: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a very beautiful woman. Either you like her music or not, either you like her acting or not, either you like her personality or not, there is no doubt about it. She is beautiful. And as she's getting older she gets to be even more beautiful, giving the rest of us the hope that when we'll grow up (never), we're going to look like her (not really).
But no matter how many "Booty" songs she sings I don't believe she's curvy. I think she's extremely thin like all the other Hollywood stars but with a bigger bum than the rest of them. So I don't consider her one of us "Droules". 
Since it's Jennifer Lopez's birthday today, I got inspired today by her immaculate style. She can rock almost anything. Sexy and powerful looks, girly look, effortless look, casual look... JLo looks great in anything!


Also, let's not forget her looks on the red carpet. Jennifer Lopez knows how to make an impression on the red carpet. She usually goes for sexy looks, but I like her romantic choices more. 


And there is always that Versace dress that we'll never forget... 
Happy Birthday Jennifer! 

My daily make up routine

 I'm one of those girls that can't live without make up. Maybe it's my insecurity, maybe it's because I've got used to it through the years, the fact is that I always wear make up. Even if I'm just going to shop groceries!
My daily make up routine is quite basic and simple and it makes me look like I'm not wearing anything.


I always start with my eye cream. These days, I use Revitalift by L'Oreal. I haven't used it before, but since I'm doing a little research about the drugstore eye creams (I'll upload a post about it, soon), I'm using it for the last few days and I'm quite happy with it. 

Then, its time for my day cream. Neurocalm by Lancome is my old time favorite and I'm using it for years. 
While I wait for the cream to dry, I'm picking out my outfit for the day and I prepare my bag. 
After a few minutes, I apply my new Revlon concealer. You can read about how I've choosen my new concealer here.  

The Maybelline foundation is the one that I'm using lately. Even though, it's a bit tricky to apply it, with the right brush this foundation makes my skin look flawless.  

And this is my latest obsession! Best powder ever! It makes my oily skin to look matte but in the most natural way. 
Then I use my Rimmel brow liner and then it's time for the eye shadow.  

I bought this Maybelline palette recently and I'm in love with it. I never use bright eye shadows and this palette is perfect for my taste. It has matte and shimmer colours and the texture is amazing. You can go for a total natural look or even an impressive smokey eye. 
After that, its time for my mascara and then my black eyeliner that I apply under my eye in the most simple way. Then it's time for my lipliner and my lipstick. 
You can check about the products I bought recently here
My daily routine takes about 15-20 minutes and it lasts for many hours. 

My 30 Day Blogging Challenge

A few months ago, I was feeling lost... It was like suddenly I lost my focus and I didn't know what to do next. I constantly had only one question in my head: 
So now what?
And since my blog had always came to my rescue in the past, I decided to focus on it. But I didn't know how to take the next step and take it to the next level. I love blogging and writing and playing about fashion and beauty but I wanted more and I didn't know how to get it. 
So I turned to Sarah Arrow and Sark E-Media for help.  
Sarah suggested to start a 30 Day Blogging Challenge. I had to write one post every day for 30 days! For a girl like me that uploads a new post once a week (sometimes less) it sounded impossible. But I accepted the challenge because I wanted to push myself into becoming a better blogger and step out of my comfort zone. 
At the beggining, everything went smoothly... I had all my posts very well organized and every day Sarah sent me emails with blogging tips and exciting challenges. Unfortunately, I usually read her emails on the bus or in the tube while I was going to work and it was hard to keep up. But the challenge was going well the first 20 days and Sarah was extremely supportive. 
But the last 10 days were a struggle... Trying to keep up with work issues, with personal issues, with blogging... It got too much too handle... But I finally made it!! It might took me more than 30 days to complete the challenge, but here I am! Challenge completed!! And I'm extremely happy!! 
This challenge taught me a lot about blogging and about myself.
Thank you Sarah for your support!!      
The best is yet to come!

The Jeanne Lanvin exhibition

To be honest, I didn't know a lot about the Lanvin fashion house. But a few days ago, I went to Paris (yay!) and I read about this exhibition which motivated me to learn more about the oldest fashion in Paris that is still in business.

Jeanne Lanvin had been a "quite" fashion designer. Her clothes were so light, so fresh, so elegant that didn't shout but respected and honored the female figure. 

 In this exhibition I got the chance to see innovative designs and dresses more than 100 years old that still can be worn today. 
Also, as I was walking around, surrounding by all these amazing dresses, I could feel that quite but strong vibe of the Lanvin house (founded 1889). Delicate fabrics, exquisite tailoring, immaculate embroidery is a few of the things I noticed while I was looking up close and personal all the dresses. 
My only disappointment was the language. Everything was in French. I learned french, when I was in school but unfortunately I've never practiced the language so I couldn't understand the description that was on display on every dress. 
There is an app, especially made for the exhibition, that you can download for free in order to listen in english very useful information about the exhibition. Unfortunately, it was a bit confusing and it was only for selected pieces and not for the entire collection.   
If you're planning a trip to Paris and you want to learn about an extremely talented designer and learn a bit more about fashion history, then this exhibition is for you! 

The Jeanne Lanvin exhibition
8th March - 23rd August
Palais Galliera
Tickets: 9 €

License to blot by Benefit - Review

My skin is very oily. And when I say oily, I mean very oily. My face "produces" so much oil that I could fry an egg if I wanted to. 
So, as you can imagine, my compact powder is my best friend and I always have to carry it with me. 
When I read that Benefit will release a new product with a unique new technology, that it would able to contol the oiliness of my face I got really excited!! 

The Licence to blot product is a stick that promises to instantly create matte skin and make all those annoying pores disappear. And it does exactly what it promises. The minute I applied it on my skin, I could see the difference between my usual oily skin and my after Benefit stick skin.  

So I applied it before my usual make up routine and my skin really looked matte and healthy. But it didnt feel that way when I touched it. The texture of the stick makes the skin feel a bit greasy but it looks as matte as possible! 

I also applied it on top of my make up and the results were as impressinve as before but still the texture made my face feel weird.  
Overall is a really good and innovative beauty product that the oily skin girls, like me, will definitely appreciate it!

How to wear the same skirt for 5 days

My new favorite skirt from George

I am one of those girls who open their closet and scream: I have nothing to wear!!
 Even though my closet is packed and I can barely close the door, I always feel like I having nothing to wear. So I decided to do a little project. What if I wear the same item for 5 days straight? 
A few weeks ago, I went to GEORGE's press day (you can read all about it here) and they gave me this lovely skirt. I love the vibrant blue colour and its so light and flowy that can fit any size without giving extra volume on the hips.
The "same skirt" challenge turned out to be fun and made me realize that you can always find something to wear in your closet. But I have to admit that I still scream in front of my closet from time to time. 
This is how I styled the skirt for 5 different occasions:

Day 1

   Time to go out for coffee and gossip with your girlfriends? No problem! 
Style your skirt with a simple white t shirt, wear some colorful sandals and a pair of pretty earrings and you're ready! 
Slogan T-Shirt from Boohoo
Chandelier earrings from Accessorize
Orange block heel sandals from Next

Day 2

Going to work and maybe some drinks afterwards? All set! 
I like playing with different shades of the same colour and popping a bright, colorful pair of shoes to keep the whole look interesting. 
Light blue shirt from Topshop
Yellow heel sandals from Boohoo 
Layered Necklace from Boohoo

Day 3

This effortless look is ideal for a casual night out. Again, I like to play with different shades of blue but this time I style it with ankle boots for a more of a night out vibe. Don't be afraid of the crop top... The skirt fits nicely on the waist and overall your figure will look more curvy in all the right ways. 
Don't forget your red lipstick to match the bag!!
Lace crop top from Topshop 
Ankle boots from New Look 
Nine West Red bag from House of Fraser   

Day 4

This look is perfect for going to work or if you have an important appointment. 
I matched the skirt with pale colours and let the bright blue of the skirt to pop out.
Blazer from ASOS 
Striped high heels from H&M 
Tote bag from Matalan 

Day 5

A simple look for those days that you just need to go for shopping and you're not in the mood to overdress. And since I'm a big fan of the girly look, this as girly as it can get... 
Pink slogan t-shirt from George 
Tote bag from Matalan (as above)
Ballerinas from Next 


And the Liebster Award goes to...

Lorraine from Let The World Float by selected me to receive the Liebster Award. Before I start thanking my family, God and my hairdresser (I've always wanted to do that), I would like to explain what the Liebster Award is. It's an award that gives new bloggers the chance to be discovered by new readers and also share a little bit more about themselves. 

Here are the questions that I received from the lovely Lorraine:
1.Where do you look for inspiration when you need a topic to blog about?
Even though I'm online many hours during the day, usually I look for inspiration in magazines. Propably its the time when I feel the most relaxed and my mind is ready to come up with new ideas for blog topics. 

2. How has being a blog writer changed your life?
It helped me concetrate on positive things and getting involved with new exciting styff, instead of getting stuck to any problems I might have. 

3. What is the one thing you can't live without?
My lip balm! I feel naked without it! Max Factor's is my favorite one!  

4. New Years is a time for resolutions. Have you been able to keep track with your resolutions?
Suprisingly, this year I'm doing much better than last year! I'm very proud of myself! 

5. If you could go back in time and met your younger self, what is the one thing you would tell to the younger you?
I would tell me not to waste time on things that I know from the start that don't work.  

6. Are you a tea or coffee drinker?
I'm a tea drinker. Even though I love the smell of fresh coffee, I can't drink it because of health issues. 

7. Where was the last place you traveled to?
I went to Bath and fell in love with it! Beautiful city, cosy atmosphere, friendly people and an amazing spa!! I can't wait to go back! 

8. What is one of your favorite methods you use to de-stress?
I watch fashion documentaries! Fashion has saved me in many ways...  

9. Looking back, what was one of your best childhood memories?
Searching with my grandmother new fabrics for the dresses she was sewing for me! Priceless! 

10. What song have you been listening to the most this year?
"Before I ever met you" by BANKS. I keep listening to the whole album! She's amazing!  

11. Name one thing that you like about yourself and explain why. 
My kindness. The world would be such a better place if we were at least kind to each other. It definitely helps to communicate better.

  And now its time to pass on the award to other amazing bloggers. 
Please don't forget to check their beautiful blogs:

*Hayley from Love Your Temple
*Yuliya from The Zephyr
*Kat from Who's That Blonde

Girls, here are my 11 questions for you: 
1. What do you write about in your blog? 
2. Do you consider blogging a hobby or a full time job?
3. What is your favorite fashion brand? 
4. When you go out, do you prefer wine or beer?
5. What's you favorite ice cream flavor?
6.   Online shopping or store shopping? Which one do you prefer?
7. Is there a time in your life that you would like to relive it? 
8. What are the 3 words that your friends would use to describe you?
9. What is the most challenging part for you about blogging? 
10. What is your favorite movie of all time?
11. Who is the person that inspires you the most? 

I can't wait to read your answers! And don't forget to spread the love girls!

The 5 coolest Instagram accounts to follow

Instagram is one the most addictive social networking services. Once I start watching my instagram newsfeed, I can't stop! You can see what bikini Rihanna wore (or didn't wore) yesterday, what Karl Lagerfield had for dinner and with whom Cara Delavigne was this morning. 
But besides all the celebrities that go wild on Instagram, they're some amazing people who really put an effort into their accounts. 
So here are my 5 favorite Instagram accounts that will fill your newsfeed with some of the most amazing images: 

1. @groehrs

Gretchen Roehrs is a foodie fashionista who plays with food and fashion at the same time! Her images are the most unique pics on Instagram!


They're many fashion illustrators on Instagram but this account is different than all the similar ones. The illustrations are different and there is always a bit of sarcasm on the images. My kind of girl!

3. @FabienBaron

So this is what I call inspiring photography! Fabien Baron is an editorial director, travels around the world and captures on Instagram the most amazing places in the world! 

4. @laurenconrad

I don't know much about Lauren Conrad other than she is an American celebrity. But her Instagram acoount is gorgeous. Looks like she (or her people) puts a lot of effort in every image. And her dog is a cutie! 

5. @caroissa

Caroline Issa is the alternative fashionista. Her choices are less bold but more chic and fabulous. Definitely my style! 

Even though we are not as cool as the ones mentioned above (yet), if you like to follow us on Instagram you can click here.