HELP! I Suck At Hair by Cailin Koy :eBook Review

Cailin Koy is a fellow blogger who was kind enough to send me her new ebook that she wrote about hair. 
To be honest I've never read a book about hair before. All the relevant books seemed to me so formal and so "out of the real world" that I never bothered before to buy one of them. 
And they might say, "dont judge a book by its cover" but the cover was the one thing that convinced me to read it. Because I do suck at hair. 
My hair have a mind of their own. I never know how my hair will look like when I wake up in the morning. Every day is a small surprise, usually an unpleasant one... 
So I was really curious to read this book. And I got really excited when I started reading it. The book is fun and really easy to read. You won't find a posh attitude, or the "I know everything style" in this book. There is a warning in the beggining of the book: if you don't like her fun way of writing just don't read it (go Cailin!).  Cailin has a friendly and fun way to make you learn new tricks about taking care of your hair and she gives advise in the easiest way possible. 
And she covers almost every topic about hair: How to de-frizz your hair (my main hair issue) how to embrace your curls, easy hairstyles, solutions for bed head (finally!), choosing the right haircut, and many more! I would love if she had more tips about hair styles for short hair and more pictures to explain her cool tips.
 This not only a easy to read book, but also an amazing guide for your hair that you'll keep referring to again and again.

You can order the book here