How to storage a jewellery collection

Living in London mostly means one thing: not enough space. Not enough space on the tube, not enough space at your work and last but not least, not enough space in your house. 
For a girl like me who loves jewellery, I struggle constantly to organize my humble collection, so I can make it easier to reach my favourite item anytime I want, without having to spend hours digging in my jewellery box. So, I decided to have a little research on how to organize my jewellery without spending a fortune. 

I found this prop outside a rubbish bin outside Thomas Sabo's store. I grabbed it, I carried all the way home, I cleaned it and I made it my perfect storage space for my necklaces. Everything in one place! 

I bought this tree at Tiger for £3 and its great for organizing my earrings. If you don't find it at Tiger (because they're constantly changing their products), you can find something similar at Amazon. 

My friend Athina saw this unique and girly ice cube tray and of course thought of me, so she bought it for me! But since I don't really use ice cubes at home, I thought it could be a perfect case for my rings!  
Besides those 3 ways that I use at the moment for storing my jewellery, I found some other cool ideas that you might find useful. 

Iris Apfel: Everything you need to know about the ultimate fashion icon

  • Iris Apfel started her career as an interior designer. 
  • In 1948 she met and married Carl Apfel. 
  • Together, they started the Old World Weavers that specialized in restoration furnishings. 
  • Their most famous client was the White House. They worked with 9 presidents but had problems working with Jackie Kennedy.   

  •  In 2005 The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York premiered an exhibition based on Iris Apfel style and her enormous clothing and jewellery collection. 
  • The exhibition was such a huge success that made Iris extremely famous and changed her life. 
  • In July 2015 a documentary has been released with the title "Iris" where you can watch the amazing Iris shopping and looking for the next big bargain. You can now watch the documentary at Netflix. (I've already watched it twice!) 

  • She has now her own jewellery and accessories line, she collaborates with big fashion and beauty brands and she consults and lectures about style and other fashion topics. 
  • Her husband died two months ago at the age of 101. 

  • One of her most famous quotes is: "When you don't dress like everyone else, you don't have to think like everyone else".

The LFW Beauty Bar Event

The busiest fashion month of the year is long gone, but I still haven't got the time to share all the amazing events I had the pleasure to attend. But better late than never! 
So The Bloggers Hangout organized once again a really fun event during London Fashion Week. This time there was no mix ups with the venue. It took place at the very cosy and intimate place in Shoreditch where I got the chance to discover some amazing brands. 

I was introduced to the Pink Parcel concept. It's a monthly box for those special days of the month! Great idea, right? And the tea that they offered me was really yummi!

Also I got to meet the lovely ladies at The Shea Moisture and I was captured by the scent of their products. They have many products for every hair issue (and I have many!) and I can't wait to try the mask they gave me.

They were so many exciting brands there, like Sass who specializes in intimate skincare,  Sensationail with their super easy starter kit for nails and LAB2 and their high quality brushes. 
As soon as I'll try their products, I'll let you know what I think!!