Liberty in Fashion exhibition

One my favorite things to do in London, is to visit the Fashion and Textile Museum (you can read about my previous visit here). There's always an interesting exhibition going on, where you have the chance to learn something new about fashion.

This time, the exhibition was about Liberty. In case you don't know, like my friend Athina even though she passes by it every day, Liberty is the most iconic department store in London. Opened in 1875, Liberty was not like the other stores. More elegant, more fashion forward and more innovative than its competitors, Liberty establish itself as the king of fabrics and prints.

As the business grew, Liberty's Art Fabrics departmnet blossomed as they started to produce their own prints and become one of the most succesful and influential "players" in the fashion industry.

 The exhibition celebrates the company's 140th anniversary, having on display more than 150 garments and fabrics! So, take your time and enjoy an amazing journey through the history of fashion. 

You get the chance to see how fashion evolved through the years and became such an important part of british culture. 

 And of course the collaborations! Liberty always had a very strong relationship with designers and collaborated with them in numerous occasions. So in the exhibition you get to see the work of Mary Quant, Jean Muir, Cacharel, Jimmy Choo and Vivienne Westowood (at the photo below).

Definitely worth to visit this exhibition but you need to hurry because it ends at the 28th of February.

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