5 + 1 tips on Beauty Travel Essentials

Easter weekend is here and my friends and I, decided to get out of London for couple of days even though the weather won't be on our side. We booked a hotel in Brighton just to get a glimpse of the sea. After all the booking and travel arrangements were done, a big question came in mind: What should I bring with me?
So, I gathered a few tips about packing the beauty essentials in order to avoid panic attacks like: where is my moisturizer? 

Start with the basics 

 I would like to thank the creator of the mini size products that save my life every time I travel. You can find them at any drugstore and they're usually on offer. And yes, we all assume that the hotel will always have a shampoo but why risk it when you can use those lovely Aussie products? And remember: You won't find a hotel room with a coonditioner in it, unless you're staying at the Ritz. A girl with so many hair issues, needs her conditioner! 

The transparent make up bag

You are at the airport, you're going through the security check and they ask you to open your make up bag and take everything out. What a nightmare to put them back in... But a transparent make up bag makes everything easy. You show them the bag and you're ready to go! This particular one above, is a pencil case that I found in Tesco.

The best body wash needs to travel    

No more boring body washes in hotel rooms! You're on holidays, why not feel great and smell great too?

Samples are girl's best friend

Never understimate the power of samples. They are very useful while traveling and you get the chance to try new products too! Lancome send me those ones and I can't wait to try them. And you don't have to be a blogger to have access to samples. Usually all the big beauty brands are more than willing to give you samples to try their new products.

Size does matters and we want them small!! 


When it comes to your make up products while traveling, small is good. That travel size mascara you bought at the airport, that small make up brush that was on offer, that smaller size concealer you got from your subscription beauty box, or that small size blush you found inside a goodie bag, are very useful when you travel and don't take up too much space. 

Did you forget something?

 Ok, I get it. You're on holidays, you don't want to spend time taking off your make up. That's why cleansing wipes are you best friend. You can buy a mini version of them too!! It will only take a minute and the next day you'll look fresh and amazing!! 
Let's all have some fun this weekend!! Despite of the bad weather!

Heaven Skincare Face Mask - Review

 A few weeks ago, I went to one of the Bloggers Hangout's events. I was in a hurry and the event was more about food brands than beauty, but luckily I had the chance to meet some very nice people. One of them was a lovely and smiley lady from Heaven Skincare. She introduced me to the brand, we talked about their products and she gave me their Silver Bee Venom Mask to try it. 

First of all, whο says that packaging doesn't matter? We are talking about the most amazing beauty packaging I've ever seen! Watch out Chanel and Dior, this brand looks way more luxurious and chic than yours! Just saying! 
But the excellence of the product doesn't stop at the packaging. The mask contains bee venom that works to control facial muscles for immediate lifting and tightening. It's kind of like a natural botox and without needles! I've been using the mask for the last couple of weeks and I apply it on my face before I go to bed... I watch an episode of "How I met your mother" (Barney Stinson rules) and then I wash it off with warm water.

Even though I don't believe in miracles especially when it comes to beauty products, I definitely noticed a difference on my skin after I started using it. Every morning my face looks more radiant and more firm than before. My skin is very sensitive and it's hard to find a product that it will not cause me any trouble, so I'm very happy that I got introduced to this fabulous mask that can actually replace an expensive facial. The texture of the product is so light that it can be used as moisturizer as well. That's what I call multitasking! 

You can take a look at all the Heaven Skincare products here

What's in my bathroom this month

 I was checking my shower the other day and I noticed that is packed with so many products. So, I thought: why not blog about them? After all, beauty is not only about make up! 

Elvive Fibrology Shampoo

 So this is the product that never ever leaves my bathroom. I have very thin hair and the minute Loreal launched this line, I was one of the first to try it. And it really works! For the first time my hair have more volume and I can really see a difference after every wash. Now, that I found the perfect shampoo, I'll never let go. 

Elvive Fibrology Conditioner
When you find the perfect shampoo, you assume that you've found the perfect conditioner. But that's not exactly true. It's a good conditioner but I don't think it works quite as well as the shampoo. Talking about high expectations, right? 

Soap & Glory Body Wash


The Soap & Glory products are showstoppers. Their amazing packaging makes them stand out on any drugstore shelf.  Especially, for a girl like me who is into anything pink and vintage, it looks like a match made in heaven. So I bought this body wash to check if the actual product is as good as the packaging. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed. I expect from a body wash to smell amazing but this unfortunately didn't. It has a delicate scent but not the powerful and dramatic scent that I want from a body wash. But I'm not giving up on Soap & Glory just yet. I'll try another product next time.   

Boots Body Scrub

Did you know that it's very difficult to find a body scrub these days? I spent half an hour in Boots looking for a body scrub and all I could find was face scrubs. No one scrubs their bodies anymore? What have happened to the world? After I visited 3 stores, I finally found this Boots Body Scrub which is quite goood. It's quite smooth on the skin but gets the job done. What more can you ask from a body scrub?

Victoria's Secret Body Oil

I don't use body oil everyday but I do apply it on my skin during the weekends when I have a bit of a "me" time. This particular body oil is fantastic. It's not too oily, it absorbs really quickly and when I apply it, my skin feels so smooth that I want this bottle to last forever. And yes, it smells amazing too. 

Original Source Body Butter

I'm always skeptical when it comes to body butters, because they take forever to absorb and when I'm in a hurry I don't have the luxury to wait. But this body butter is different. Its light texture makes it really easy to absorb and the scent is so delicate and so fabulous at the same time, so every time I apply it I have a big smile on my face. Lime and coconut... what an exquisite combination! It reminds me of mojitos at the beach and that's always good! 

Do you have any suggestions for next month's bathroom purchases? 

London Fashion Weekend: February 2016

It's not my first time at the London Fashion Weekend (you can read about my previous visits here and here), so I knew what to expect. This time I was more relaxed and more chilled than the previous times, when I was stressed to get at the shows on time, to find a seat at the talks and to find time to wonder around the shopping areas. 

This time I knew when and where to go and most importantly I didn't wear my highest heels which made everything more easy. 

First stop: The Veryexclucive Catwalk

In this catwalk, the latest trends are presented: 
Americana where I saw a lot of fridge, denim and suede, Beautiful Botanicals where I saw the floral trend but in a different and more sassy way, Pop Art Brights (my favorite trend) where I saw so many fabulous colors and New Romance where I was a lot of ruffles, pastel colors and lace. Like this lace dress above that I'm in love with.  

Next stop: The Talks

 In this LFWD talk, the editors of Hello Fashion Magazine talk to us, in the most effortless way, about the spring trends. At the end of the session, they announced that they would answer to questions from the audience and they would give a goody bag to the one who they think asked the best question. And I won!!!! How cool is that?? 

Next stop: The Mary Katrantzou catwalk 

With my 2 goody bags in hand (they also give you a goody bag when you enter the venue, you can check below),

I went to sit on the front row for the show I've been waiting for months to watch. 

I love Mary Katrantzou's work. Not because she is a fellow Greek but because she has a one of a kind fashion sense. I'm not a big fan of prints but Mary Katrantzou does it in a way that you never forget. Flowly dresses, sequins that look fashionable and not at all trashy, and the shoes... oh the shoes... Ankle printed boots that I need in my closet! Gorgeous! 

Last stop: Shopping

A girl with my budget couldn't do much in the shopping area but it was nice to browse and I bought some bits and pieces. But I also bought a Zara dress when I left Saatchi Gallery and that counts for something, right? 

Overall I had a lovely time at London Fashion Weekend but I still believe they should move the event back to Somerset House. But we can't have it all... Until next time! 

Greeks do it better: Sparkle & Dazzle Jewellery

 I've known Maria (the amazing lady behind Sparkle & Dazzle) a very long time. She's not a girl who goes unnoticed. Her unique personal style and her fabulous fashion sense makes her stand out from the crowd. Every time I see her, before I even say "hello", I ask her? Where did you get this necklace/ this bag/ this bracelet/ this ring? And the answer is always the same: I've made it! 


So Maria, after working for years in fashion retail and being a stylist for many local celebrities, decided to start her own business and share her amazing fashion sense with the world. Here's a little chat I had with her about Sparkle & Dazzle (the other chat about boys, gossip and make up was off the record): 

 How did you start creating jewellery?
As a teenager I enjoyed mixing materials and objects just to make extreme and strange jewellery for me!! Buttons, tops from bottles, paper, dices and anything I could print on, were my favourites!!
Later, in parallel with my main job, I worked several times as a personal stylist... choosing clothes for women is an interesting thing to do, but I loved the part where I created unique accessories just for them!! Now, for the last few months this is my main job and I'm thrilled!!!

How do you get inspired?
Definitely from the 80's... I can say 70's too !! Lots of love and respect for the music and fashion back then...Gothic and victorian style is also an inspiration...


 Do you create specific collections every season or you work whenever you’re inspired?
It depends from my mood and only... I can't work under pressure and deadlines anymore!! I'm a gemini !!!!!
How would you describe your creations?
Simple, different, easy to wear for every age, every style and every budget!

  I’ve noticed you like working with unconventional materials. Is the creating process harder?
When you love what you do I think everything is easy... I work with paper and plastic most of the times and it's fun.. I give shapes and I paint them and I feel like I'm ten years old!! When I work with bronze I have to be more careful but it's still fun!!!

          Have the social media helped you promote your work?
I only have a facebook page at the moment, but I think I'm lucky because without putting a lot of effort it helps me a lot... I believe in their power of social media in general, so I'll try harder to be active on more social media channels so I can promote my work.


         Due to the economical crisis in Greece, how difficult is to start your own business?
You mean if we can do the impossible nowdays in greece? It 's a big risk and not everyone can take it... I'm still not sure if I can take it! Only time will tell...


           How can someone order your creations? Do you ship outside Greece at the moment?
Sparkle & Dazzle is my Facebook page, where you can see some of my creations (plus some styling tips) and send me a message.
I only ship in Greece at the moment but I hope for an 'opening' abroad!!!!