Bloggers Fashion Week (March 2016)

This is not my first time at the Bloggers Fashion Week event (you can read about my previous visit here). It's a really nice event where you get introduced to brands and meet fellow bloggers. This time I have to admit it was more fun and had the opportunity to chat with a lot of bloggers and of course get in touch with some amazing brands.
Here is a quick introduction to the brands that I got the chance to know more about. More detailed posts are coming as soon as I'll get the chance to try and review their products:

(Stunning and girly at the same time, jewellery)

 Nadia Minkoff 
Jewellery & Accessories (I'm in love with their back packs)

 Pure Potions 
Skincare products for girls with issues, like me

Skincare products that was an industry beauty secret (now, the secret is out)

Kenneth Turner
The most amazing candles and beauty products too! 

 Timeless Truth
Advanced face masks that solve any facial problem

 Thumbs Up
Who needs a nail polish when you can have these stickers and "paint" your nails is 2 minutes?

Well established brushes with new shapes and styles

Skincare products made with natural ingredients