Must Have Wardrobe Staples: Everyday Dress

You just want to do some shopping in your neighborhood... You want to go for coffee on a Sunday morning to relax and maybe a bit of blogging... You just want to feel comfortable and pretty at the same time... The solution is so so easy: The everyday dress. Is the uncomplicated and comfortable dress that you don't have to think too much and definitely need to have in your closet. For me, is a must have item and I have a few in my closet. 
Here are a few suggestions from the high street: 

From Zara


From New Look

From Topshop

And this is me, wearing my Matalan dress that I bought on sale for £7. I usually match it with colorful tights and my Primark brogues. For the photo, blame my friend Athina who wanted to see me behind yellow bars. 

From Matalan