The Mummy Fashionista - A New Era

Since I was a little girl, I loved clothes. 
I would go through Burda patterns and discuss with my granny, who was an incredible seamtress, which dresses I wanted her to make me. I would spend hours at her sewing table choosing fabrics and threads. 
Growing up my love for fashion was still going strong. I loved going shopping with my mum (I still do cause she's paying the bill!) and I loved even more giving styling advice to my friends and organise their wardrobes. 
And then my career took me to photoshoots working with photographers, stylists and make up artists while at home I was altering my t-shirts, making clutch bags out of magazines and anything that could keep me connected to fashion. 
But after a while my life, as I knew it, didn't exist anymore. Everything had to change and I felt lost. So fashion came to the rescue. I started blogging about fashion, beauty and everything in between. Even though I didn't have the right size for fashion standards, I've enjoyed sharing my passion for fashion with the world. 
And then one day I became a mum. 

So where did fashion fitted into my new life as a mum? Initially, nowhere. 
Between naps, and feeding and nappy changing and crying and laughing and playing and caring in general for a baby, I didn't care what I was wearing as long as it was big and loose, so it would cover my new shape which I didn't know what to do with. I didn't feel like myself anymore. I've tried some of my old clothes and nothing looked right on my body. I even made an attempt to go back to blogging but it felt like I had nothing to say anymore. 

Things got worse when I had to return to work. 
Every morning I would open my packed with clothes closet and I had nothing to wear anymore. 
But suddenly one day I had enough. I decided to change my mentality and do something about it. So I started working with a personal stylist. Just like therapists turn to other therapists for help on their mental issues, I asked for help from another amazing fashion professional in order to guide me and help me have fun with clothes again. 

So here I go again. Blogging about fashion but this time adding mummy's struggles in the mix. I hope you'll enjoy it and you'll follow me on my new journey. Many new projects are coming up, which I can't wait to share with you all!