London Styling Meet Up Group

When you move to a new country, one of the biggest struggles you have to face is leaving your loved ones behind and making new relationships. So when someone suggested to me the MeetUp app, I didn't take it seriously. It took a bit of conveincing, but I finally downloaded the app and started using it. It turns out that it's a great way to meet other like minded people and attend events that you might not dare go alone or even like sharing experiences with others. Nothing like Tinder or anything similar... Using the app, I've been to the theatre, to some lovely restaurants and some cool book clubs. And since I'm very passionate about fashion and stying, I thought why not create a group for people who have the same passions as me? 

So if you want to be part of our squad, please come and join us. Every month, I'm organising a meet up where we have fun with clothes and eat cupcakes! 
It's free to download the MeetUp app and free to join the London Styling MeetUp Group. Hope to see you all there!