Mummy's Life Savers: Unicorn Dream Mist

The one thing you appreciate the most when you become a mum is... sleep! If only we knew how precious sleep is I would sleep for a year before I had my daughter. And the only way to get some sleep in my house is if my little monster goes to sleep on time. But the minute she lays on the bed she wants to discuss about everyone and everything with some singing too! It takes forever to calm her down. Until I was sent the Unicorn Dream Mist. I spray it on her pillow a few minutes before I put her to bed and after a few minutes, she's calm and ready to sleep! What a winner! 

This spray is totally natural, and vegan and most importantly cruelty-free. It contains essential oils like lavender and ylang, ylang which are perfect to calm down any wild little monkey. Sometimes when I'm overly stressed and I'm having trouble going to sleep I spray a bit of unicorn magic on my pillow and problem solved! 
The Unicorn Dream Mist is handmade in the UK, was launched in the summer of 2017 by Natural Essentoils and you can order it here