Fashion Finder: Iris Dares

Do you find it hard to buy on the high street, clothes for little girls? Don't they all look the same to you? Same fabric, same design, same prints? I have a super energetic daughter and I find it hard to find comfortable clothes where she can run around but twirl at the same time! 
So you can imagine my excitement when I've discovered this brand. The founder Nicola is a busy mum of two beautiful girls and she founded the brand out of the necessity of her own daughters to run around and twirl! Her products are unique and amazing. Trendy prints and feminine designs which helps little girls to explore the world while feeling special and fierce. 
Hope, my super energetic 3-year-old, loved wearing the Iris Dares dress*. She couldn't stop twirling! 

And it's not only dresses! The brand sells bags in shapes you've never seen before (like TRex and Unicorns), fierce skirts with Frida Kahlo and Princess Leah prints, cute T-shirts for powerful girls and boys and wands for wishes and worries. How cool is that? 

And it's not only the design of the products that make this brand so amazing and unique. The quality of the clothes can 'handle' a lot of washes and many crazy adventures out in the wild. Hope loved twirling in the mud! Yes, the mud!
But Nicola didn't want to start just a fashion brand. She wanted to create a brand who cares about the environment but also takes care of the mindset of future women of the world. To tackle the issue she's producing limited edition designs which can be worn many times and in many ways. This way our little princesses learn to appreciate clothes more. 
You can have a look at the brand and learn more about their mission here. I promise you you'll spend a lot of time browsing in there! 

*Hope's Unicorn Dress was gifted but she genuinely loved it!