How to conquer the fear of stripes

During one of my clear outs on my own wardrobe, I realised that I have a lot of stripes in my closet. But while I was discussing this with some of my clients I came to the conclusion that many women have tended to avoid clothes with stripes, like the plague. So let's try to break some myths surrounding stripes.

Horizontal stripes will make you look wider 
Not necessarily! It's all about the right stripes (not too wide), the right fit (more fitted than loose) and the right fabric (soft with a bit of stretch) so don't be afraid to experiment. As you can see above I'm not size 10 but I'm wearing horizontal stripes and I feel fab! 

You can't mix a different kind of stripes
Sure you can! By mixing different stripes you add more interest to your look and you can give a nice shape to your figure. You can go for a dress like I did above, or you can mix and match striped trousers with a striped top. 

The Breton Top is out of fashion 
A classic piece like the Breton Top can never go out of fashion. It's elegant, it's chic, it has a bit of a French Riviera vibe to it and will always be one of the go-to pieces when on holidays in South of France or Capri. Also, why not bring a bit of a holiday vibe to your everyday wardrobe?  

Stripes need to be in a straight line
Stripes can be whatever we want them to be! If you're a newbie at the stripe game but you still love the animal print you can try the zebra stripes which are very much on-trend at the moment.  

Don't know where to start with stripes? 
How about a blazer? It's easy to wear and can be a great layer for most of your casual outfits. 

Hopefully, these tips have given you a few ideas on how to include stipes into your wardrobe and have given you the confidence to try on stripes and more stripes!