My Story

Hi I'm Georgia. I grew up in Greece and moved to London many years ago to pursue a career in fashion. I've started blogging while I was in a very dark place and needed an escape. By putting outfits together and writing about things I love really kept me going and helped me move forward. And it still does. I've always believed in the power of clothes and I wanted to be part of an industry which is creative and fun. 

But the fashion industry can be cruel, rude and exclusive and I wanted to change that perception. I wanted with my blog to show another side of fashion. Where everyone is included, no matter their size, their age, their lifestyle. Especially after I've become a mother and struggled myself to rediscover my fashion sense I wanted my blog to be safe place for all women to fall in love with fashion. Regardless their size and their age.

Nowadays, I work as a personal stylist and a fashion content creator and continue blogging about fashion and beauty from a real woman's point of view.