Lorna Luxe x In The Style Collection Review

In case you don't know, Lorna Luxe is an amazing influencer based in the UK with more than a million followers. Yes, you read right, more than a million! If you check her account (you can have a look here) you'll understand why. She's a beautiful lady with a unique fashion sense and impeccable taste when it comes to the pictures she posts on Instagram. Of course she has the big house and the Chanel shoes but she mixes them beautifully with Zara clothes and other high street brands. What I believe makes her so successful is that she is so approachable. With her status she could be snobbish but she always replies to DMs, she's very present on Instagram and overall she's very funny and down to earth. 

So it was only natural for her to create a fashion line in order to express her personal style and make it affordable for the masses. The last few years she's collaborating with In The Style which is an online clothing company who mostly works with influencers and celebrities. 

I've never been snobbish towards the online clothing companies like Boohoo & Asos. I have purchased items from both companies and some of them are quite good and some of them not so good. I do disagree with some of their marketing approaches but at the end of the day is all about the clothes. In the Style on the other hand has been quite decent in terms of marketing but is unfortunately at the bottom of the chain when it comes to quality. That's why I never understood why Lorna had chosen this company (with 1 million followers she can definitely choose) to work with. Even though I love their designs and their campaigns are usually top notch, when a package from them arrives it smells like it's been in a rubbish bin for the last six months. Sometimes I understand it has to do with the conditions that a package has been through in order to be delivered to me but it happens every time I order from them and I never have this issue with other high street brands. 

Lorna Luxe collections are definitely the heroes of In The Style company. The way she styles herself is basically the best advertising that In The Style could possibly have. So I bought a few items from her winter collection since the pieces I liked from the spring collection were already sold out. I have ordered many items from her collections in the past but were all returned due to poor quality.

The great thing about In The Style is that not only they do the Lorna Luxe collection in a huge variety of sizes, they have pictures with a curvier model so you can have a look at the fit. Lorna is very slim so it's quite hard to imagine yourself wearing her clothes if you are a size 16-18 like myself or beyond. 


Here I'm wearing a knit skirt from her winter collection which is not the best quality. I have bought knitted skirts from the supermarket that are better than this. But I loved the slight pencil shape that it has so I kept it. And I matched it with this pink jumper. Love the fact that the jumper is bright pink but is so boxy it makes my waist disappear. It definitely doesn't fit me properly but I can see slimmer ladies to rock this jumper. But it smelled so bad! I don't understand what's going on in their warehouse! 


This blouse in theory is fantastic! It's pink (which you know I love), it has a bow (yes!!), it has an interesting sleeve and it's oversized which can cover any lumps and bumps. I sized down for this one but it still looks hideous on me. On Lorna looks divine but on me it looks like a clown costume. Tucking it in and adding a belt would definitely make a difference but the huge sleeves are unsavable. Again I think this will look amazing to slimmer ladies but going down a size so it wont overwhelm them. 


I was so happy when I put this on! Again this gorgeous bright pink colour and this time the shape was perfect and the big sleeves made this cardigan unique. And then someone decided to add some sort of hem which make it look cheap and ready to fall apart! Gutted but I've returned it. No one should pay for such poor quality. 


Hello sexy! Haha! This shirt definitely reminded me all these movies when the star of the movie wakes up in the morning and she wears her partner shirt around the house. The quality of the shirt is good but I believe will look better to a taller girl than me. I'm only 5'4'' and it felt a bit too much. Love the oversize idea but it's way too long for me and big. I can definitely see this shirt work on other ladies but I believe only a few. 


And we have a winner! Lorna styled this vest on top of the oversized shirt which was a big 'no' for me so I've styled it with a knitted skirt from Sainsbury's (which is a million times better quality than the one I have from In The Style). This knitted vest was a big surprise for me and the only high ranked piece from In The Style in terms of quality. It's soft and it fits perfectly. I can see myself wearing it in many different ways. With a t-shirt, with a shirt, over a dress or just on its own! 


Overall the Lorna Luxe collections are true to her own personal style and all the items have interesting design details which with the right quality fabrics and manufacturing could compete many estsablished high street brands. Till then, I'll keep ordering her collections hoping I'll find pieces that works for my body shape and the quality is decent enough for me to wear them.