Mascaras Crash Test

Throughout my years of blogging I've tried and reviewed a variety of beauty products. But I never had so much fun as I had reviewing all these fabulous mascaras. I believe mascaras if even you're not a big fan of makeup, can upgrade your look in an instant. Makes your eyes look bigger and sometimes even sexier. And who doesn't want that, right? 

So I've collected a variety of mascaras with different price points and I've tried them out for a few days so I can see how they make my lashes look but I also wanted to check if they will irritate my eyes and how easy would be to take them off!  

I have to admit that by doing this crash test I've realised that there's something really empowering when using a mascara. I guess we've associated big eyelashes with all those sassy women of the world and we feel a tiny bit more confident when we have the opportunity to make them look bigger. 

Here are the mascaras I've tried on. There was a clear winner which I'll reveal it at the end of this post. 


Bad Gal Bang by Benefit 

First of all, no one does mascara packaging like Benefit. Of all the mascaras I've tried, this one had the most unique and cool packaging. Its triangle style of brush definitely enhances the eyelashes and helps them look longer, especially the little ones at the corner of the eye. This mascara is definitely brilliant for making your lashes look longer and fuller. Brilliant choice. 



Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury 


Charlotte Tilbury launched this mascara about a year ago and everyone went mad with it! So I had big expectations for this product. This mascara has a unique kind of a brush, thinner on the edges and thiker in the middle, which really helps to make eyelashes look longer but I felt that my eyelashes were lacking thickness. They were definitely looking longer but unfortunately the brush separated my lashes so badly that made them look 'weak'. I think this mascara would work very well with a combination of another mascara to add a bit of thickness. But if you're only looking for a mascara to add length to your eyelashes, then this one is for you. 


Draglash Extreme Mascara by MallyxRuPaul 

If there's one person in the whole world that knows about mascaras that's a drag queen. And when the drag queen is Mama Ru we're talking about seriously good mascara. The secret of success of this mascara? Its flat and wide brush! It makes your lashes look really long but also thick and dramatic. And it's so easy to apply. You don't need to spend hours applying to get the results you want. Super easy when you're time-poor. I knew that RuPaul wouldn't disappoint. I have a soft spot about RuPaul, can you tell? 


Better than sex by Too Face

 When a mascara claims that it's better than sex, you have high expectations, right? And yes, this is a really good mascara. The brush is perfect for making your eyelashes look curly and thick. You seriously don't need a curler with this mascara, its brush does all the work for you. What I really like about this one is that the brush is long enough so it can catch up even the little eyelashes in the corner of the eye and give them a boost as well. Is this mascara better than sex? Come on, guys... 


The Falsies Lash lift by Maybelline

From all the high street brands, Maybelline has always been ahead of the game when it comes to mascaras. And this particular one is no exeption. It has a good brush that gives length and adds intensity to your eyes. The only disadvantage of it is the texture. The liquid is a bit thicker than it needs to be therefore it smudges after a few hours. But overall is a great, on-budget mascara. 


They're Real by Benefit

This a celebrity mascara. Everyone knows about it and its reputation has really exploded the last few years. I use this as my everyday mascara and I'm really happy with it. It gives length without causing any smudge. It's super easy to apply and it only takes me a few minutes to add intensity to my eyes. I absolutely love this one for every day but if you want a real dramatic look then maybe this one shouldn't be your first choice. 


And the winner is: Hypnose by Lancome


Well, no matter how many youngsters get into the mascara game sometimes the ones who are a long time in the game really knows the best. Honestly, this mascara has everything. Its curvy brush helps make the eyelashes look super long but as the same time its think enough to make them look curvy and thick. I think this is the cloesest you can get with your natural eyelashes and this mascara is definitely my favourite one. Clear winner! 


Fun fact: After I've tried all the mascaras seperately, I've applied all of them at once. This was the closest I've ever come to look like a drag queen! It took me half an hour to take them off but loved every minute of it!