10 Must-Watch Fashion Films*

If someone would ask me a few years ago what my perfect evening would look like, I would probably answer a girls night out, or somewhere dancing the night away or a music gig. Even though all the above are still on my to-do list from time to time, my perfect evening would be on my sofa wearing my cosy pjs, holding a glass of wine, eating pop corn or cheese and watching fashion films on my new amazing Panasonic 4K HDR LED TV
I find watching fashion films so inspirational and entertaining because I get to take a glimpse of the fashion world from the convenience of my sofa. And with Panasonic 4K HDR LED TV you feel like you're in Hollywood with your pjs! And since it offers a full smart TV experience you can discover any movie possible. So here are 10 fashion films that you can watch right now. Weekend sorted! 


Netflix has launched a series where in each episode you get to watch 7 days of preparation of the world's biggest events. Even if you're not interested on any of the other events, you can go straight to episode No5 and watch the preparation behind of a Chanel fashion show. Finally, the seamtresses get the recognition they so much deserve. 



This is another film about a preparation of a fashion show but this time you get the chance to have a closer look on how everything works inside a famous fashion house. Watching this film, I fell in love with fashion all over again. 


 This is my favorite. An amazing documentary about the life and work of Alexander McQueen, where you get to learn more about his background, his personality and his inspiration behind all those mesmerising designs.  


For those days when you're feeling sorry for yourself (happens to all of us), this documentary will cheer you up in a second. Iris Apfel is such an inspiration (you can read more about her here). She broke all the fashion rules that want only young, fresh and skinny girls to be fashion icons. 


An interesting look on the world of the American Vogue and their preparation for the most important issue of the year. Highlight: Grace Coddington arguing with Anna Wintour. 


Everything you need to know about the set up of the annual MET Gala. Important lesson: The MET Gala is not only about the red carpet but also about an interesting and well curated exhibition. Who knew? :P 


A 90's movie, inspired from the fashion world and everything that happens behind the scenes with an impressive famous cast directed by Robert Altman. 


The perfect feel good movie! Meryl's Streep perfomance as Miranda Priestley and Emily's Blunt as her fashionable assistant is simply unforgettable! 
'That's all'... 


For a passionate fan of Chanel, like me, this movie doesn't give justice to the legend of Coco Chanel but it's a decent attempt to present the early years of Gabrielle Chanel before she become the legendary Coco. 


 A very insightful documentary about Yves Saint Laurent where a lot of details unravel about his background and personal life. Interesting fact: Did you know that Yves Saint Laurent was a close friend of Karl Lagerfield? 

So, put on your most comfortable joggings, pour some wine, open your Panasonic TV and enjoy! Now that's what I call a perfect night in. 

*in collaboration with Panasonic

Styling Workshop: How to look fashionable at work

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London Styling Meet Up Group

When you move to a new country, one of the biggest struggles you have to face is leaving your loved ones behind and making new relationships. So when someone suggested to me the MeetUp app, I didn't take it seriously. It took a bit of conveincing, but I finally downloaded the app and started using it. It turns out that it's a great way to meet other like minded people and attend events that you might not dare go alone or even like sharing experiences with others. Nothing like Tinder or anything similar... Using the app, I've been to the theatre, to some lovely restaurants and some cool book clubs. And since I'm very passionate about fashion and stying, I thought why not create a group for people who have the same passions as me? 

So if you want to be part of our squad, please come and join us. Every month, I'm organising a meet up where we have fun with clothes and eat cupcakes! 
It's free to download the MeetUp app and free to join the London Styling MeetUp Group. Hope to see you all there!

Surviving tips for Party Season

Are you getting stressed thinking about Xmas season? 
Decorations, presents, wrapping paper and of course, party outfits! Many things are happening during holiday season, it's hard to keep up. In order to reduce stress, let's sort out our party outfit: 

Don't be afraid of the sparkle

Wearing a sparkly outfit is the easiest way to survive party season. If don't want to go full on sparkle, they are a few alternatives you can try, so you can look festive but not too sparkly. You can tone down a sequin dress with a simple black blazer, you can add a sparkly top with a plain midi skirt or a you can wear a nice shiny tailored pair of pants with a monochrome top. 

Full on Velvet

Velvet or any velour fabric is so on trend this season and its the perfect fabric for Christmas parties. A nice tailored velvet suit its such an amazing, sleek outfit for any kind of festivities. 

And if you are a bigger girl like me, a wrap dress is always a nice and flattering choice for any occassion. This velour dress has an amazing colour and it will work really well for any of the Christmas parties planned. And its easy to run around a naughty toddler! 

The office Christmas party issue

 That's always a hard one. You don't want to look overdressed or too sassy in front of your colleagues but you still want to look a bit different that your usual office gear. A pair of leather pants and a shiny blazer is an easy solution to look festive and chic

The shiny midi skirt 

A midi skirt can work for any body shape and a shiny fabric can be the most chic solution for your Christmas gatherings. To avoid looking like a shiny Xmas tree, try to tone down your skirt with a plain top. 
Let's get the party started and enjoy Christmas season with our loved ones.

How to Rock Flat Shoes

For years, it was considered that if you wanted to look chic, you need to wear heels. Flats were only acceptable at the gym, going to the supermarket and the gym. My mum always looked at me with her usual disapproving look everytime I've put on flats. Ladies we have been 'suffering' on heels for decades, especially in the 90's when heels reached their ultimate high!I still can't believe the high heels I was wearing back then!

But the last few years we’ve noticed a major shift in the shoe world. Well known fashion designers have sent their models on the runway wearing trainers, sliders even flip flops.

So can we actually wear flats and look elegant and chic? 

The midi skirt and trainers mix

Street style all over the world had leaded the way for this stylish combination and its one of my favorite ones. So don't be afraid to style your most fashionable midi skirt with a simple pair of white trainers.

The ankle trousers and ballet pumps mix
For years, ballet pumps were considered very old school and out of style. Now most of the famous fashion bloggers style their ballet pumps with ankle trousers for an effortless gorgeous look.

The dress and ankle boots mix

This mix is already a classic and the most versatile one. You can match it with a biker jacket for a more rock style or you can try it with a boho blazer and a pair of cowboy boots which is the ultimate trend this season. 

The tailored pants and trainers mix

Not everyone can pull off this look but if you have a lean figure then this mix would be perfect for you. Just make sure that your trousers are tailored to perfection

The party dress and flats mix


A few years ago we would match our glamorous party dress with flats only if we would have sprained our ankle! But now wearing our amazing dress with some pointy flats (to make our legs look longer), we are ready for a fun night out. Choose your flats in a metallic colour to add more glamour to your look.