How to upgrade your loungewear

If you work from home or look after the kids or you just relaxing at home on the weekends you'll spend most of the time in the house wearing loungewear. And to be honest for most of us that means some old leggings and a baggy t-shirt. However, especially if you're working from home like me, you want something that is both comfortable but also adds an element of style and makes us look put together. 
To avoid being embarrassed again when we open the door to the postman, here are some easy ways to upgrade your loungewear. 

Stay away from damaged tees and leggings

Even though you're in the house and not in the public, you want to take pride in your outfit and feel good and confident. So it's time to let go of all the old and damaged t-shirts and those leggings with holes in and go for something that's both in good condition and looks effortlessly chic. 

DIY your old t-shirts

If you have plenty of t-shirts from live gigs or promo events, rather than throwing them in the bin why not transform them yourself? It's way more easy than you think. There are so many videos with so many ideas on how to transform your boring tees to stylish tops for your loungewear, you'll definitely find something that matches your personal style. 

Invest in a good layer 

Sometimes even in the warmer months, you need something to keep you warm and cosy. A good quality cardigan will help you look polished and chic. 

Stick to basic colours and breathable fabrics

When it comes to loungewear. less is more. It's better to stick to natural tones or solid colours so you won't have to spend time thinking about what to wear. Also, remember the benefits to picking loungewear with breathable fabrics: it will stop you roasting in the summer heat and it will help your body breath meaning you're going to be sweating less which is hugely helpful if you have a lot of work around the house. 

Loungewear has become very popular in recent years so it's quite easy to find the right style and fit for you. No more embarrassing moments in front of the postman!  

My Hair Technology Finds

I've said it before and I'll say again: I have horrible hair. Every day is a bad hair day for me. So I'm always on the lookout for products that we'll make my life easier and make my hair look at least presentable and maybe even nice!
So here are a few products that I'm using at the moment:

Wazor Hairdryer

When I was thinking about hairdryers in the past, all I wanted was something to dry my hair. But technology has been improved so much through the years that hairdryers can do much more than just dry your hair. They help your hair look shinier and healthy and some of them help by adding volume or even straighten them.
I found this hairdryer on Amazon and decided to buy it due to all the amazing reviews. And I really noticed a difference in my hair once I've started using it. It's quite strong so you don't have to spend hours trying to dry your hair and the air circulated in a way that you can easily give your hair almost any style you want.

Babyliss PRO Titanium 50mm Ionic Hot Styling Brush

Have you ever heard about insomnia shopping? It's about those long nights when you can get no sleep and you're watching shopping channels and wondering if you'll ever sleep again. I had one of those nights recently and on the peak of my insomnia, I've bought the Babybliss. And I'm so happy that I did. The technology that's been used for this brush is quite incredible. It takes away any static hair, gives volume or any kind of style you like. And the best part? It comes with a glove to protect you from the heat of the brush! Finally! No more burned figures.

Philips Straightener

I know that they are quite a few of straighteners out there which they will actually do the job. But what makes this straightener my favourite one is that it's ready in 30 seconds after you've plugged in! So no matter how much in a hurry you are you just plug it in and you're ready to go in minutes!

So these are my hair heroes at the moment. If anyone has any other suggestions, please comment below.


Styling Workshop: How to Dress for Success

Do you feel bored at work?
Do you feel you can't progress in your career?
You can't figure out what's the right outfit for an interview?
You don't know how to dress for your dream job?
In this casual and intimate workshop we discuss how you can make clothes boost your confidence and set you up for success.

*Bonus 1: This time we'll have an amazing guest. Christina Georgalla is a career and executive coach who will answer any questions you might have on how to progress your career.

* Bonus 2: Tea/coffee, cupcakes and a goody bag to take home!

Animal Print: 3+1 Styling Tips On How To Wear The Trend

For years, the animal print in fashion was only for the bold or the so-called 'cougars'. Well, not anymore. 
The last few seasons, the animal print dominates the runway, the high street and social media! So here are some styling tips on how to join the animal tribe. 

1. A touch of leopard

 Even if you don't feel like going all the way leopard, there are still ways to rock the trend by adding the fashionable print to your accessories. Try shoes, scarves and bags. Like I've added these ankle boots to give a bit of style to my all black outfit. 

2. Don't be afraid of the leopard 

 Obviously, we're not talking about the animal, but this season you can dare to go fashionably wild and wear an animal print dress or even a leopard print suit! While you're going 'all the way leopard', try to balance your outfit with more 'quite' accessories. The metallic ones match perfectly with the animal print and they're still very on trend. 

3. Dare to be different

 This season you can take it a step further and try different animal prints, different colours and different textures. The Zebra print is one of the alternative prints that are going strong this season. And it works very well with my black trousers and a black coat. 

4. Let's get sassy and... comfy! 

Who says we can't be fashionable under the duvet? There's no need to feel sloppy and deconstructed while we are chilling at home watching Netflix. Animal print can make you feel a bit more sassy and sexy so let's embrace it!  This trend is here to stay! 

Review: Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask by Forever

As many of you know, I love trying new beauty products. The beauty industry has evolved so much the last few years it's hard to keep up with all the new products and developments. So this time I've tried out this face mask from Forever and I have to say I'm quite impressed! My face after this mask felt so soft and look so fresh and shiny, I looked at least five years younger! 

After I've done a bit of research, I've found out that this product is environmental - friendly and it's a nice combination of technology and natural ingredients. I believe this combination will be the future in beauty anyway. Trying to find new ways to use nature without abusing it.
Since this is not an ordinary mask, it's really important to follow the instructions on how to use it. I was so confused with all the layers, but my beauty consultant was very helpful. I'm posting the instructions here, just in case you need them: 
1. Open pouch and unfold mask
2. The mask is protected by woven fabric on each side. Remove one layer and discard it.
3. Apply the mask to face. Gently press to ensure it fits securely. 
4. Remove the second layer of woven fabric and discard it. 
5. Remove and discard the mask after about 20 minutes. There's no need to rinse, simply massage the remaining product into the face. The sensation is amazing! 
You won't be able to find this product on the high street because Forever is a direct sales company so you can click here to order. 

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing an Engagement Ring

At the beginning of the New Year, we all make our New Year's resolutions. 'This year I'm going to loose weight', 'Run the marathon', 'Travel more' are the most common ones. But this year, I've heard a lot of people talking of getting married. It seems that even in 2019, people fall in love and want to share their lives with someone special.
But what about the ring? everyone asks me, without thinking that I'm just a stylist and I don't know anything about engagement rings (Mine was a surprise). Many couples these days, avoid the whole proposal extravaganza and they choose the engagement ring together! How cool is that? 
So I've collaborated with Brillianteers, in order to put in place a guide on how to choose the perfect engagement ring. And if you don't want to ruin the surprise, just let your laptop on the dinner table... bookmark this page... and he'll get the hint, right? 

1. Trust your gut feeling     
When do I give her the ring? In our many years of experience, we’ve learned that proposing is all about the right timing. Don’t rely on the weather, the time of year, or how many years you’ve been together – it’s all about when the heart decides. If you feel the time is right, then the time is right! Don’t listen to your friends or the internet – there is no “right time” to do it, as each relationships is different. Isn’t that what makes relationships so unique and special?

2. It's time to save!
You – but more importantly, your bank account – should be relieved to know that there is no truth in that “the ring must be worth three times your monthly salary” nonsense. Doing your research will point you in the direction of Brillianteers, who offer the most affordable earth-mined diamonds on the market. The ring will look three or maybe even six times as expensive, but it certainly won’t cost the earth, leaving more money for planning the dream wedding. 

3. Worried about her ring size?
You are right to be worried about her ring size; after all, you don’t want to spend all that time and money and end up buying a ring that’s too small or too big. Gold rings can actually be resized after purchase, which might sway your metal decision if you’re unsure of the size. The same can’t be said for platinum rings, so it’s crucial to get the right size if you’re going down the platinum route. Luckily, there are many tricks to know her exact, accurate ring size – including taking one of her rings which you know is the perfect fit to have professionally measured. You can find the most helpful measuring methods on the

4. Know the perfect style for her
Here’s where it could get a bit tricky. There are many kinds of diamond engagement ring styles and settings, and choosing the right one could be a bit complicated if she hasn’t given you any hints. Although let’s face it, most women have already dropped subtle and even not-so-subtle hints by this stage. But if not, here are some helpful tips to go by. If your lady has a classic style and is all about timeless jewellery, a simple solitaire ring is the way to go. It won’t go out of style, and can even be passed down to future generations. If she’s the “more is more” kind of woman, then halo or even double halo would be a great choice. It also allows for getting a smaller centre stone, but adding volume by way of the diamonds surrounding it. Side-stones are also a good move to add even more sparkle to the ring.

5. Pick her kind of metal
An engagement ring can be as individual as the person you’re giving it to, so we understand the pressures associated with selecting the perfect one. Luckily, this step is not as tricky as step four, especially as you should already know what kind of metal she likes. If not, have a rummage through her jewellery box to familiarise yourself and decide whether she would prefer yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. 

6. Educate yourself: Get to know more about diamond quality
There are four crucial things to look out for when it comes to choosing your diamond – and they’re more commonly (and helpfully) referred to as “the four Cs.” You can check out everything you need to know about the four Cs on the Brillianteersblog, but let us give you the abridged version below too.
‘Carat’ is related to the weight and therefore size, while ‘Cut’ refers to the shape – more on this below. Next, we have ‘Colour’, which is measured by letters of the alphabet starting from D (which is colourless and therefore the rarest). The further down you go, the more colour is present. E-F grades are virtually colourless, while colour in G-H is only truly detectable under closer inspection. I-J are “nearly colourless” with ever so slightly warm hints of colour.
And finally, we have ‘Clarity’, which refers to the imperfections to the individual diamond. Don’t worry about the term “imperfections” though, as most of which aren’t detectable by the naked eye. Clarity is labelled by the following categories: Flawless and internally flawless, very very slightly included, very slightly included, and slightly included. 

7. Get her the perfect diamond cut
Perhaps the most noticeable of the four Cs is the cut, i.e. the shape. There are many cuts to choose from, ranging from classic round and oval shapes to more out there designs such as marquise, heart and pear. Cushion (square with rounded edges) and Princess (square) are having a real moment right now, mostly due to their bigger surface area. Great for a lady who wants to make a statement!

And there you have it! I'm sure, this guide from The Brillianteers will help you to find what you're looking for. Good luck!