How to survive Fashion Month...

September is a big month in the fashion world. It marks the new season and it defines all the trends for the next years (yes, years). Even if your are a fashion editor in Vogue or just a mortal fashion girl, like me, there's so many fashion events happening in September that is hard to keep up.And if you don't do it right, you might spend all of your October trying to recover. 
So here are some simple but very useful tips on how to survive Fashion September: 

 *Don't forget your portable mobile charger

This month your portable charger will be your best friend. You are always on the go, going from one place to another, you check your emails, you chat on Facebook, you post images on Instagram... you need your charger, more than you need water! 
They come in many funky designs and affordable prices.

*Don't leave the house without your emergency flats

Of course you're going to fashion events wearing your favorite high heels but what happens when you need to go home and you have to walk 5 blocks to reach the nearest tube station? Emergency flats come to your rescue!! Your can roll them and have them in your clutch. So easy! 

*You need your camera! 

I know its not the most convenient thing to carry around, but let's face it: You need your camera. So many amazing things will happen this month and you need to capture them! Otherwise you'll keep wondering: Why didn't I bring my camera? 

*Is there any lipstick in your bag?

You can't survive fashion month without lipstick in your bag. In between drinking champange and trying gourmet snacks, you need to refresh your make up. Maybe a compact powder will be useful too. Especially for those with oily skin, like mine. 

*Let yourself eat cake

By watching fashion shows and being amazed by the incredible fashion walking around you,  you might forget to crab something to eat. At least don't forget to eat something sweet that will give you the energy to keep going. 
Cupcake anyone? 

So mark all the important fashion dates on your calendar and you're ready to go! Let's do this!

Matching Mummy + Child Fashion

Yes, I do like sometimes to match my daughter's outfits to mine 
and I'm not afraid to say it. 
Yes, I even want to match those cute tutus of my daughter with my own but I haven't been able to pull this off yet. But always dare to dream!

So what do you need to know about matching outfits with your little one? 
Here are a few tips: 

- Sometimes you can be cool and its ok.
 Just when you have dressed your little girl with tutus and full on balloon skirts, and big bows on her hair, it hits you: I am a cool mum! My little bundle of joy should be cool as me! So you pick up all the natural colours, the jeans and the leather jackets and your cool badge is restored. 

- Your outfits don't have to be all matchy matchy
If you're scared that total matching outfits are too cute for you, then you can choose a matching hairpiece or matching t-shirts. 

- Many shops out there have a lots of ideas for you to choose from
Retailers understand the cuteness of matching fashion too, so there are a few of them that stock outfits which you can match with your child. 
Here are a couple that I've discovered:

So don't be afraid to experiment and have fun! 

Stylish Mummy Services

I'm really excited about this project! 
After what I've been through post baby with my fashionable self, I thought that I could help other mums like me to rediscover their stylish selves through clothes! 

So Stylish Mummy was born! 
Click here to learn more about the services and get advantage of our amazing introductory offers!

The Mummy Fashionista - A New Era

Since I was a little girl, I loved clothes. 
I would go through Burda patterns and discuss with my granny, who was an incredible seamtress, which dresses I wanted her to make me. I would spend hours at her sewing table choosing fabrics and threads. 
Growing up my love for fashion was still going strong. I loved going shopping with my mum (I still do cause she's paying the bill!) and I loved even more giving styling advice to my friends and organise their wardrobes. 
And then my career took me to photoshoots working with photographers, stylists and make up artists while at home I was altering my t-shirts, making clutch bags out of magazines and anything that could keep me connected to fashion. 
But after a while my life, as I knew it, didn't exist anymore. Everything had to change and I felt lost. So fashion came to the rescue. I started blogging about fashion, beauty and everything in between. Even though I didn't have the right size for fashion standards, I've enjoyed sharing my passion for fashion with the world. 
And then one day I became a mum. 

So where did fashion fitted into my new life as a mum? Initially, nowhere. 
Between naps, and feeding and nappy changing and crying and laughing and playing and caring in general for a baby, I didn't care what I was wearing as long as it was big and loose, so it would cover my new shape which I didn't know what to do with. I didn't feel like myself anymore. I've tried some of my old clothes and nothing looked right on my body. I even made an attempt to go back to blogging but it felt like I had nothing to say anymore. 

Things got worse when I had to return to work. 
Every morning I would open my packed with clothes closet and I had nothing to wear anymore. 
But suddenly one day I had enough. I decided to change my mentality and do something about it. So I started working with a personal stylist. Just like therapists turn to other therapists for help on their mental issues, I asked for help from another amazing fashion professional in order to guide me and help me have fun with clothes again. 

So here I go again. Blogging about fashion but this time adding mummy's struggles in the mix. I hope you'll enjoy it and you'll follow me on my new journey. Many new projects are coming up, which I can't wait to share with you all!

5 +1 Tips For Pain Free High Heels

For our big nights out we all love wearing heels. But usually I end up suffering quietly in a corner while the others are dancing like there is no tomorrow.  
So I gathered a few tips in order to survive the high heel adventure: 

1. Buy the right size shoe
Just because you were wearing size 5 10 years ago, it doesn't mean that this is still your size. Our body changes through the years, so have your feet sized once a year. 

2. Silicon Pads are your best friend
Invest in silicone pads to avoid suffering in the ball of your feet (my main issue with high heels). You can purchase them in any drugstore.

3.Thicker heels rule!
Yes we all love stilettos, but if you really want to enjoy a night without pain choose a thicker heel for stability. Leave the stilettos for the red carpet only. 

4. Give your feet a break
You want to dance the night away but don't forget to take breaks and sit down whenever possible. While sitting, you can stretch your legs and prepare them for the next big pop anthem.

5. More coverage on top the better!
When a shoe has more coverage on top, it helps your foot to be more stable and you can wear them for many hours. 

*The after party recovery
You went home and your feet are swollen? Put them in a cold bath (yes, yes cold) for ten minutes and then apply a foot cream. You'll wake up the next day, brand new!

Must Have Wardrobe Staples: Everyday Dress

You just want to do some shopping in your neighborhood... You want to go for coffee on a Sunday morning to relax and maybe a bit of blogging... You just want to feel comfortable and pretty at the same time... The solution is so so easy: The everyday dress. Is the uncomplicated and comfortable dress that you don't have to think too much and definitely need to have in your closet. For me, is a must have item and I have a few in my closet. 
Here are a few suggestions from the high street: 

From Zara


From New Look

From Topshop

And this is me, wearing my Matalan dress that I bought on sale for £7. I usually match it with colorful tights and my Primark brogues. For the photo, blame my friend Athina who wanted to see me behind yellow bars. 

From Matalan

Bloggers Fashion Week (March 2016)

This is not my first time at the Bloggers Fashion Week event (you can read about my previous visit here). It's a really nice event where you get introduced to brands and meet fellow bloggers. This time I have to admit it was more fun and had the opportunity to chat with a lot of bloggers and of course get in touch with some amazing brands.
Here is a quick introduction to the brands that I got the chance to know more about. More detailed posts are coming as soon as I'll get the chance to try and review their products:

(Stunning and girly at the same time, jewellery)

 Nadia Minkoff 
Jewellery & Accessories (I'm in love with their back packs)

 Pure Potions 
Skincare products for girls with issues, like me

Skincare products that was an industry beauty secret (now, the secret is out)

Kenneth Turner
The most amazing candles and beauty products too! 

 Timeless Truth
Advanced face masks that solve any facial problem

 Thumbs Up
Who needs a nail polish when you can have these stickers and "paint" your nails is 2 minutes?

Well established brushes with new shapes and styles

Skincare products made with natural ingredients 

5 + 1 tips on Beauty Travel Essentials

Easter weekend is here and my friends and I, decided to get out of London for couple of days even though the weather won't be on our side. We booked a hotel in Brighton just to get a glimpse of the sea. After all the booking and travel arrangements were done, a big question came in mind: What should I bring with me?
So, I gathered a few tips about packing the beauty essentials in order to avoid panic attacks like: where is my moisturizer? 

Start with the basics 

 I would like to thank the creator of the mini size products that save my life every time I travel. You can find them at any drugstore and they're usually on offer. And yes, we all assume that the hotel will always have a shampoo but why risk it when you can use those lovely Aussie products? And remember: You won't find a hotel room with a coonditioner in it, unless you're staying at the Ritz. A girl with so many hair issues, needs her conditioner! 

The transparent make up bag

You are at the airport, you're going through the security check and they ask you to open your make up bag and take everything out. What a nightmare to put them back in... But a transparent make up bag makes everything easy. You show them the bag and you're ready to go! This particular one above, is a pencil case that I found in Tesco.

The best body wash needs to travel    

No more boring body washes in hotel rooms! You're on holidays, why not feel great and smell great too?

Samples are girl's best friend

Never understimate the power of samples. They are very useful while traveling and you get the chance to try new products too! Lancome send me those ones and I can't wait to try them. And you don't have to be a blogger to have access to samples. Usually all the big beauty brands are more than willing to give you samples to try their new products.

Size does matters and we want them small!! 


When it comes to your make up products while traveling, small is good. That travel size mascara you bought at the airport, that small make up brush that was on offer, that smaller size concealer you got from your subscription beauty box, or that small size blush you found inside a goodie bag, are very useful when you travel and don't take up too much space. 

Did you forget something?

 Ok, I get it. You're on holidays, you don't want to spend time taking off your make up. That's why cleansing wipes are you best friend. You can buy a mini version of them too!! It will only take a minute and the next day you'll look fresh and amazing!! 
Let's all have some fun this weekend!! Despite of the bad weather!