5 ways to style skirts

I hear it from clients and friends all the time: I don't know how to style skirts! And I totally understand the frustration. It's not easy to find the 'right' skirt-outfit that matches your figure and personal style. The most important thing to remember is the proportions of the outfit. Think which is the one part of your body that you would like to flaunt and try to focus on that when you're styling skirts.  Below you'll find 5 ways to style skirts which can work on many body shapes: 

The satin skirt - chunky knit combo

This is the style which is very much on-trend at the moment. For those who are scared that satin will reveal all the lumps and bumps, I would say not to be feared. It all comes down to the quality of the fabric and the cut. Top tip: If you're bottom-heavy try to avoid bias-cut satin skirts. 

The pleated skirt - simple tee combo

Many ladies are afraid about this combo as well but it's my favourite one. You can dress it up or down, always looks classy and matches most body shapes. Yes, even the curvy ones. If you have wider hips like me, try to find more simple and soft pleated skirts. 

The pencil skirt - simple shirt combo

You can never go wrong with this style. It's super elegant and can be super sexy too. If you would like to tone it down and change it from business look to a night out look, choose a leather pencil skirt and maybe a sparkly blazer? 

The maxi skirt - cropped top combo

Now here's a combo that never goes out of style! It can be a maxi jersey skirt and a simple cropped tee for every day or it can be a satin or tulle skirt with a sparkly top for a special event. And if you're cautious about your midsection, you can choose a tube maxi skirt and a bit longer top. 

The full skirt - bodysuit combo

This a great style for the top-heavy ladies because you draw the attention to the skirt while flaunting your amazing boobs at the same time! If you're worried that a full skirt will add more volume to your hips you can choose a flowy fabric like viscose. 

So here are some ideas on how to style skirts and if you would like some more help on styling your wardrobe, have a look at the Stylish Mummy Services here