Quiet Luxury: How to Embrace the Trend Without Breaking the Bank

In the fast-paced world of fashion, trends come and go like the seasons. One trend that has been making waves in recent years is "quiet luxury". This is a reaction to the over-the-top, logo-heavy designs that have dominated the fashion world for decades.

The trend reached its peak due to the hit television series "Succession" that explored the lavish life of the Roy family. Siobhan "Shiv" Roy's wardrobe, played by Sarah Snook and costume designed by Michelle Matland is a testament to the understated elegance. 


But the question is: can you get inspired by Siobhan's style without a Roy family-sized bank account? Absolutely.

Understanding Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury is all about the art of understatement. It's about choosing pieces that are all about quality, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance without screaming for attention.. Instead of flaunting brand names and flashy embellishments, quiet luxury celebrates subtle details, impeccable tailoring, and minimalist aesthetics. Think the opposite of Paris Hilton in the 90's. 

Why Quiet Luxury is Gaining Popularity

  1. Timeless Appeal: Quiet luxury pieces are designed to stand the test of time. Unlike trendy items that quickly go out of style, quiet luxury garments and accessories remain relevant year after year.


  2. Sustainability: In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability, quiet luxury aligns with the principles of conscious consumption. Quality over quantity is at the heart of this trend, encouraging consumers to invest in pieces that will last.


  3. Individuality: Quiet luxury allows individuals to express their style in a more personal and unique way. By focusing on quality and craftsmanship, you can curate a wardrobe that reflects your individual taste rather than conforming to mass-produced trends. And even if I'm a big advocate of colour and fun style, I can see the appeal of this particular style as it's easier to look luxurious and posh by embracing a minimalistic aesthetic.


How to do Quiet Luxury on a Budget

Now that you understand the essence of quiet luxury, let's explore practical ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe without spending a fortune. 


1. Quality Basics: Invest in quality basics like a well-tailored blazer, a crisp white shirt, and a pair of classic black trousers. These versatile pieces can be the foundation of your quiet luxury wardrobe.

2. Shop Secondhand: Charity shops, vintage sellers and online resale platforms are treasure troves for quiet luxury finds. You can discover fantastic designer pieces at a fraction of their original price.
3. Mix High and Low: You don't need to go all-out on designer labels. Mix high-quality, affordable brands with a few select luxury pieces. For example, pair a designer blazer with more affordable jeans or vice versa.

4. Tailoring Matters: An impeccable fit can elevate even the simplest of garments. Try finding a talented seamstress in your area that can help you fit the clothes on your body perfectly. This can make a budget-friendly piece look like it was custom-made for you.


5. Minimalist Accessories: Shiv's accessories are understated yet impactful. She opts for simple jewellery and high-quality shoes that complement her outfits without overpowering them. And most of the time she doesn't even carry a bag. She's a Roy, she has other people to do the 'heavy lifting'. 


6. Rent for Special Occasions: For truly special occasions, consider renting designer clothing or accessories. This allows you to indulge in luxury without the long-term commitment. 



  Most importantly you need to remember: true luxury isn't just about the price tag; it's about the confidence and satisfaction you feel when wearing something that speaks to your unique style and values. So I think I'll stick to my pinks, oranges, blues and yellows... thank you!