Supermarket Fashion: good value for money?

You all know the scene. You get into a supermarket to grab some milk and eggs for breakfast and pump into a dress and you spend the next hour browsing in the fashion section ending up at the till with a whole outfit and without the milk and the eggs. Does this only happens to me?

All the big supermarkets have invested a lot of money and energy into clothing lines. You could usually find them in store but the last few years these supermarket fashion brands have a life of their own. Which means their own website and their own fashion indentity. Is it really worth it to grab a pair of jeans with our milk or shop online via their websites? The numbers and the success of these brands say yes but I thought I do a bit of research myself. I've bought clothes from most of the big supermarkerts in the past but for this post I've ordered and tried out clothes from the big three: Tesco, Sainsburys & Asda. and here's what happened. 


F&F @ Tesco 

Back in my pre-motherhood days I used to go to a big Tesco supermarket and spend quite some time at the clothing section but I was never really drawn to any of the pieces there. They used to do some campaigns with a hero piece (like a coat or a dress) which they used to promote as a fashionable yet affordable choice. But it was always sold out on their website and you could never find those pieces in store. So what's left was usually basics which you could find pretty much everywhete but you ended up purchasing from them because of the convenience of being right next to the orange juice. 

A few years ago the management at Tesco decided to shut down the F&F website and move everything to their main website in order to make things easier for customers. Not sure if that worked or not but I definitely prefer to buy the F&F stuff from Next which is more fashion oriented rather than mixing things with groceries. 

Quality wise the F&F brand is not too bad. This denim dress that I'm wearing above is soft and easy to wear and can definitely be upgraded to a smarter look by adding a blazer and high heels. What I feel the brand is lacking is fashion sense. I've never found a piece from them which is a bit out there and on trend. Usually they are more classic pieces which are of course useful but I think I would prefer to buy them from a high-quality brand so they would last longer. 

Like this top I'm wearing here. It does honour the broderie anglaise trend but in a very subtle way. So if you're not a fan of clothes that are too trendy and loud then F&F is definitely a great choice for refreshing your wardrobe. You can definitely add interest through your accessories and style them in many different ways. If you don't have a big Tesco in your area you can order at or via


TU @Sainsburys

Now this is a brand which has definitely evolved through the years. It has its own website and their campaigns about inclusivity have definitely trasformed them into a big fashion player. The shift became a few years ago when they decided to offer more than the basics in the store and add some fashionable items in the mix. You can also find on their website stock from other affordable brands like Vero Moda, Villa and Only. They don't have a huge range of clothes but the ones they have are of decent quality and they do follow the trends. 


Like this dress that I found on their website and I thought it would be just an everyday dress but then I put it on and saw its potential! Just by adding some colourful high heels you're ready for going as a guest at a wedding. The only thing that I think this brand is lacking is consistency. Some of their collections are great and some are just boring. A bit of a hit and miss. You can order online through their webite and collect (or return) from any Sainsburys or Argos store.

George @Asda

I have to say that George is way ahead of the game of its competitors. They have their own website which also includes homeware, their quality is decent and lately they are trying to be more sustainable by using organic cotton and recycled polyester. What I like the most is that the have the right balance between trend and practicality. Like the skirt I'm wearing above which is suprisingly good quality and I wear it every day with trainers or I match it with this relaxed shirt (also from George) and some funky heels for a business lunch. 


Recently they launched the G21 brand (see above) which is basically targeted to a younger audience or for those who want more trendy pieces which their milk and eggs! I believe that they're really good with design, adding fashionable details to their clothes and have more of a modern feel. The only con I can think of is accessories. Usually they're poor quality and very basic. That being said, is really hard to make cheap bags look more expensive. They just can't keep a secret! 

The kids section at George is also quite good especially for toddlers who wear something for a day and then it ends up in the bin. I have bought a few things for my daughter and she loves that their design is quite imaginitive and not basic. Double win in our house. Their website is which is separate from the main Asda website where you buy your groceries. No mixing eggs and dresses here! 


Overall I think buying clothes from a supermarket is a decent choice when you're on a tight budget and you're looking to refresh your wardrobe. But for the main pieces in your wardrobe I would suggest to stick to high-quality brands. 

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