Zara Beauty Review

The beauty industry has literally exploded this last year. Since we were all stuck at home we had time to take care of our skin and play around with makeup. That's why many brands or even celebrities went into launching beauty products and offer different types of makeup or skincare products. 

It's definitely no surprise that Zara decided to step into the beauty world after many high street brands like H&M, & Other Stories and Marks & Spencer have done the same quite successfully. 

So they collaborated with celebrity makeup artist Diane Kendall to create an inclusive makeup range that is all about colour but most importantly clean. Which means vegan, cruelty-free and free from mineral oils, silicones and petroleum. 

The packaging is very minimal and very true to Zara's aesthetics, made from glass to avoid plastics and everything is refillable which means once something is finished you can replace it with a filler and create your own personal pallettes. 

Zara is one of my favourite fashion brands and I got really excited when they announced the lauch of their makeup collection. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed. The packaging is fantastic but the products themselves are not really to a high standard. Drugstore brands like Rimmel and Maybelline are quite good at what they do and I don't think that Zara has met those standards. 

But let's have a look at the products that I've tried on. 


Cheek Colour In 3 Refillable Cheek Palette



I was really excited to try out this one as I'm doing a bit of research for blushes at the moment (more on that, coming soon...) But the problem started from the very beginning when I placed my brush on the palette and huge mesh happened on my dressing table. The pigmentation is off and it didn't felt good on my skin. The colours though were really good and quite rarely you can find so nice colours when it comes to blushes. 


Metal Foil Loose Pigment - Titanium


I have to admit I've never tried something like this before. It's like a loose powder that you can apply to your eyes or your cheeks to add a bit of shimmer to your makeup. I've applied on the eyes and liked the glitter effect but I wasn't crazy about the pigmentation on this one either. It felt really heavy on my skin. 


Stiletto Refillable Demi-Matte Lipstick


I've recently tried out a variety of red lipsticks (you can read all about it here) and I would definitely place this one to my favourites list. It makes my lips feel moisture, the colour is amazing and it lasts for quite a while. And it's refillable too! This one is definitely getting into my everyday bag!  

And there you have it. Overall I wasn't impressed with the range but I do hope they'll improve as they go along. If you would like to check other beauty products that I'm trying out from time to time, get other to my Instagram account here.