Red Lipsticks Crash Test


I have come a long way from not wearing any lipstick to go full on red! You can even read my little lipstick haul a few years back here where I reluctantly tried on some lipsticks. But now, I can't live without red lipstick! They look amazing on Zoom (it's a thing now) and they can actually replace your whole makeup. In a rush and no time for makeup? I just put on some red lipstick and ready for the next Zoom meeting! So I had the perfect excuse to go crazy with my online purchases and try on some red lipsticks in order to see which ones are value for money. I went for some high-end ones and some high street ones to discover if I can actually spot any difference between the price tiers. I'll reveal my 'verdict' at the end of this post. But don't go there just yet! Let me tell you about each one I've tried on and how much fun I had playing around with lipsticks!   



Illamasqua - Antimatter Lipstick: Solar

I would call this one a lighter version of a red lipstick. If you're scared of red lipstick this one might be a great first step for you. Not very intense and definitely a good choice for everyday makeup but if you're more into rich red colours like myself I believe you should pass on this one. I wasn't completely happy with the texture either since it felt it wasn't rich enough and made my lips feel a bit dry. Considering the high price point I would say that this one is not my favourite. 


Burberry - Kisses Sheer: Military Red No305

This lipstick is really a high-quality one. Rich texture, full-on moisture and it makes you feel amazing wearing it. Too glossy for my likings but definitely rich and lasted for many hours! The colour is more on the coral side of red but still beautiful and suitable for any Zoom occasion (is there any other kind nowadays?)












Revolution - R32A

First of all, I have to talk about the impressive packaging. For a lipstick on a such a low price its packaging looks beautiful and high-end. The colour is quite dark. I would say is more on the burgundy side rather than red but the texture was quite good even though it didn't last long and most of it ended up on my tea mug. Definitely not a bad choice when you're on a budget. 





Armani Rouge - Matte Lipstick: Shade 402

And here comes my favourite red lipstick of the bunch! Deep red lipstick which whenever I put it on I feel super posh even if I'm wearing the bottom half of my pyjamas. It's as matte as I love and moisture enough so it doesn't let my lips feeling dry. And the best part? It lasts for hours!! Without a doubt, this is my new favourite lipstick. At least till my next lipstick crash test.



Maybelline - Hot Chase 333

This lipstick is a great affordable alternative to the Armani one. Deep red colour, good matte texture and it's equally durable as the high-end ones. I have to admit that I was quite impressed with this one, considering its price point. It might be lacking in moisture but it's defnitely a decent high street choice. 

There you have it! The verdict favours the Armani lipstick but I would definitely recommend the Maybelline one as the affordable alternative. If you would like to see me trying on lipsticks live and talk about everything beauty, come and join my Facebook group here and let's chat about everything beauty.