Celebrity Beauty Brands - Review

One of the industries which has thrived during lockdown is definitely the beauty industry. Stuck at home the one thing that we could all do was to take a care of our skin and put on makeup for our Zoom meetings! And that is one of the reasons that more and more celebrities are launching their own beauty products in order to take advantage of the interest of consumers having towards makeup and skincare. Of course celebrities launching beauty products is not something new. Many of them have done it in the past by just putting their name on the products and the Kardashians have been launching beauty lines for years. But this time I can see celebrities not only getting involved in the production more than ever but they also create businesses which exclusively works for their beauty lines. 

So once again, I took on the hard work to try on some of the newest beauty products some famous ladies has launched and let you know what I think. 


Victoria Beckham Bitten Lip Tint / Cherie


Victoria Beckham is not a newbie into the beauty world. She has worked with Estee Lauder in the past but this time she launched her own beauty line which makes sense since a lot of fashion brands have beauty lines in order to appeal to us mortals who can't afford their clothes! 

This lip tint claims that it shows your lips but better and I can confirm that it does exactly what it says on the tin. It has a light texture, makes your lips feel moisture and the colour is beautiful! It does look a bit dark on me but without making my lips looking overdone. I've watched Victoria Beckham herself applying one of her lip tints and after she applies a lip liner. I've tried it and it really works! Definitely helps the lips to pop out. Overall this is great product for every day makeup and for freshing up your lipstick during the day. And as it is a lip tint it doesn't come off easily! Win Win! 


Honest Beauty - Lit Powder Blush


Honest Beauty is the company that Jessica Alba founded a few years ago and has become a global success. The idea behind Honest Beauty is to use more natural/ organic products that do good to your skin rather than ageing them. The usual problem that I have with these american companies is that I need to pay some much money on shipping so I usually avoid trying them on. But the good news are that Honest Beauty now stocks in the UK so you can easily buy the products online. I've decided to try on the blush since I'm in a middle of project which is all about blushes. 

The first mistake that I've done with this blush is that I put too much on my brush and looked like a tomato! Little goes a long way with this blush so tap out any excess you might have. Pigmentation wise this product is wonderful, doesn't give any cakey feeling to the skin and you can apply it quite easily as long as you use only a little bit! 


Olivia Palermo Pre-Show Mattifying Mist


I'm not really sure I can objectively review this product since I love Olivia's Palermo style so much but I'll give it a try. To be honest I thought she would launch a clothing line but since beauty products are more accessible to the masses it was a wise business decision. She does have some beautiful lipsticks and eye shadows but my beauty cupboards are filled with lipsticks and makeup so decided to give a try to her face mist. You can purchase only via her own website which means you have to pay a big amount for shipping but as an Olivia Palermo fan I just couldn't resist. 

You can use this product after you've put on your makeup in order to help it stay there for longer. I love the way it feels on my face and it smells absolutely amazing. I love spraying it on my face during the day and helps my face look fresh and cool during the heatwave. 

And the packaging? Elegant and stylish just like Olivia Palermo herself. I'm a fan, can you tell? 


Fenty Skin - Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream

We all knew that there are women out there that have different skin tones than the ones that the beauty industry indicated but it took a famous artist like Rihanna to create a beauty range for all skin tones. When she launched her beauty collection her website literally exploded. Now Fenty belong to the Louis Vuitton group but still has Rihanna in the center of everything they do and she works for the brand as a creative director. I've decided to not try out her makeup range but went for her newest range which is Fenty Skin. And since I was running out of a pm moisturiser, I went for the night cream. 

The packaging is refillable which is great for avoiding using too much plastic but on the other hand makes the whole package a bit unstable while using it. I'm always worried about night creams being too heavy on my skin and end up on my pillow but the texture of this one is light and it absorbs quickly. 

As for results I wouldn't say that I've noticed any big changes on my skin in the morning but it's definitely a good moisturiser for someone with no major skin issues. Definitely a good one for younger ladies. 

And that's a wrap! Beauty industry has evolved massively and the celebrities who are being involved are taking things seriously and producing some great products.