Trinny London Review


In case you don't know, Trinny Woodwall is a fashion expert which has risen to fame in the 90's with a series of tv shows, she was presenting alongside Susannah Constantine, where they gave styling advice to thousands of women and helped them with their fashion choices. They say that there was some kind of tough love going on while advising these women but I haven't watched any of Trinny's shows as I wasn't living in the UK at the time so not sure if this is accurate. 

I've discovered Trinny on Instagram and I have been loving her Instagram videos full of style tips and a big advocate of dopamine dressing like myself. Her visits at Zara stores are fantastic! Go and check her out here

In 2017 Trinny launched her own makeup line called Trinny London (obviously) and has grown massively since then. Recently, she even launched her first skincare range but today I'll be trying out her makeup range.


The idea behind Trinny's make up range is to include almost all the products in stackable pots which you can easily place in your bag or even your pocket and have the opportunity to create your own shades by mixing and matching. I love the idea of the stackable pots (you can even create your own looks) but I'm not a big fan of getting my hands 'dirty' in order to apply my lipstick or eye shadow or blush when I'm out and about. So I don't think I'll be carrying these pots in my bag any time soon.

Lip Luxe - Pookie


The last few years I love wearing red lipstick (you can check my red lipstick crash test here) so I was really keen to try out some or Trinny's red lipsticks. Turns out that Pookie is not that red as I thought. One of the disadvantages of online shopping. Sometimes, you can get the colour wrong.

So Pookie is more pinkish that I was expected but I still love the colour and texture of it. My lips are quite dry most of the time but with this one I felt they were moist and bright. Overall, a really good lipstick but the shade is more on the pink side rather the red one.




Lip2Cheek - Veebee

I bought this as an everyday product that I can use in the mornings for the school run or for doing my daily errands (which is usually at the post office!). The Lip2Cheek range is all about using the same pot for your lips and cheeks and it definitely works. By using your fingers there's no danger of overdoing it but again you always have to carry with you some tissues or wipes. It's perfect though if you use it just before you walk out the door. I love the subtle colour and the freshness that it gives me. Definitely a winner!

Eye2Eye - Wisdom

After years of playing around with eye shadows in a powder form and feeling smudged all over my face in just 10 minutes, I'm really happy when I applied this one. Its texture is brilliant, doesn't smudge at all and adds a bit of sparkle without overdoing it (not that I would had a problem with that, but for those who aren't into the whole sparkle in the morning kind of thing.) And you can even refresh you eyes during the day without make them looking like you're going to a club at 11a.m. 

Overall, I loved all the products and their high quality is undeniable but I would suggest if you're planning to use them on the go, to either use a brush (the brand sells a stackable version of brushes) or have some kind of tissue or wipes with you. 

*with almost every purchase the brand gives you the opportunity to try out some samples but my five year old daughter decided to try them on herself so nothing to report from the sampler. She had fun trying them on but I didn't have trying to take them of her face!