Primer: got to have it or not?

In the last few years there’s been a really quick progress regarding beauty products. Almost every season a new product launches and promises wonders for our skin. So now, we keep on hearing about primer. Is it something that we really need to have in our daily beauty routine or can we live without it? Well, I did a little research… tested on my skin two drugstore primers and here are my conclusions:

*What is primer? : Is a product that prepares your skin for make-up.
*How do we use it? : Apply your moisturizer and wait a few minutes before priming (yes, it’s a word now). Then apply the primer and allow a few minutes for it to set before applying foundation.
*Does it help? : The right primer seals pores, reduce redness, softens the skin and makes your makeup look smoother. If you are in a hurry you can even use it instead of your moisturizer.
*What should I buy? :  I did a little research and most of the experts recommend: 

Estee Lauder Idealis

Giorgio Armani Light Master Primer

*Is there an on budget drugstore option? :  
 I used for a week the Baby Skin – Instant Pore Eraser by Maybelline 
and for another week the Olay Anti-Wrinkle Primer. 

Baby Skin/ Instant Pore Eraser by Maybelline

The Maybelline primer has a weird texture but after I applied it, my skin felt so soft and it helped me apply my foundation so easily! It did give a glow that I never had before. You just need to wait a few minutes before you apply your foundation. 

Olay Anti Wrinkle Primer

The Olay primer has a very nice and light texture. When I applied it on my skin I felt immediately a difference. I’m not sure if it makes the wrinkles go away but it certainly helps when you apply your foundation.