7 Myths about Swimwear

It happens every year. When the sun finally comes out and I start thinking about holidays and exotic beaches, the usual “whys” run in my head: Why I didn’t diet this winter? Why I didn’t exercise enough? Why I drunk so much beer? Why the earth is round? 
Of course, I never answer any of those questions because it doesn't really matter. Holidays are supposed to be a time to relax and have a good time not feeling bad about our bumps and lumps. So, I just move on thinking about the new swimsuit I need to buy for the summer. Usually, that thought would come to my head around late June, but since I moved to London I realized that everyone starts to think about summer from January… So obviously, I’m already late on my pursuit of the perfect swimming suit.
Fashion experts from all over the world have written thousands of articles about swimwear but the only thing they managed to do is to upset me! Are you writing about real bodies or just for girls like Gisele or Alesandra Ambrosio?

It time to face the truth and talk about the basic myths regarding swimsuits:


Myth Νο1: They’re swimsuits out there that make you look thinner! 
A tiny little piece of fabric is so magical that will size you down? I don’t think so!
Let’s face it, swimsuits aren't miracle workers.
It’s the most revealing piece in our wardrobe and it doesn’t do us any favours. Obviously, some of them suit us more than others but at the end of the day, do we really care?

Myth Νο2: One-piece swimsuits are ideal for fuller figures!
Well, that’s what I thought too, but I learnt the hard way…
A few summers ago, when I was feeling really really really chubby I decided after years of dedication to bikinis, to buy for the first time a one-piece swimsuit. I thought I would feel more “safe” having a bigger piece of fabric to cover my body. But I was wrong…
Sometimes it’s better the “extras” of your body not to be tucked in your swimsuit but to follow the natural flow of your body if you know what I mean…
Bikinis for everyone!

Myth Νο3: This design (above) definitely fit us better than the usual one-piece!
If you don’t walk the catwalk for a living, just let it go. They're better swimsuits out there...

Myth Νο4: Bikinis with a tie-side are a big “no” for curvy ladies!
Weirdly enough this style fits almost any body type. So ignore the haters. 

Myth Νο5: Swimsuits inspired by the ’50s (when curvy girls were on-trend) will be perfect for us too!
Ok, I’ve tried the vintage style swimsuit and it wasn’t really flattering. It emphasized my belly… my legs looked shorter… my big thighs were emphasized also… disaster… Different times, different girls… 

Myth Νο6: Brazilian style bottoms are forbidden for us!
That’s exactly what I thought. I have a big bottom why would I take half of it out? But I was wrong. It looks so much better

So, ignore all the rules and put on a swimsuit that makes you feel good. We're going to the beach (or pool), let's enjoy it!