Savage Beauty: The Alexander McQueen exhibition

When the MET debuted this exhibition a few years ago in New York, everyone who visited it shared their excitement in every way possible. So when I found out that the famous exhibition was coming to London, it was my turn to get excited. Especially when I've read that many items of Alexander McQueen's work that couldn't travel to New York would be on display here in London (244 items in total), I was double excited.

I had to book my ticket 2 months prior to the day I went and I took a day off from work so I could fully enjoy the experience. And I have to say that the whole experience was powerful and overwhelming, just like Alexander McQueen was as a designer.

The exhibition takes a deep look into McQueen's personality and what motivated him and inspired him. Every hall represents a specific period of McQueen's work and be prepared to be amazed. "What an innovator he was..." that's what I was thinking all the time during my visit at Victoria and Albert museum. 

It's hard for me to describe this experience: surrounding by intimidating voices and music, you get to see  amazing clothes made from unconvetional materials, forms and patterns made in such a unique way that literally shaken the fashion world and they're all placed carefully into halls that follow each theme and each period of McQueen's work and inspiration.

The most overwhelming hall was where all his iconic pieces are on display and where you have the opportunity to watch the moments of his breathtaking fashion shows. And in the middle that iconic white dress that got painted in the middle of his fashion show in 1999. I would prefer more information on every piece in that room (some of them were really hard to even caught your eye) but still the feeling you get, surpasses the lack of information. 
After watching Kate Moss hologram moving gracefully with the "Schindler's list" soundtrack (another iconic moment at McQueen's fashion show in 2006), I left the exhibition feeling sad of the loss of such an original talent. 

Tickets are still available, so book your tickets as soon as possible. This is one exhibition that shouldn't be missed. 

Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty
Victoria and Albert Museum
'Till 2 August
Ticket Prices: £17,60