The big blush investigation!

For all my adult life, I used a very specific type of blush for my make up routine. The classic compact blush has always been in my make up bag and only the shade changed through the years. 
The last few months, that I started experiment with my make up, I found some amazing new products to freshen up my look and give a different approach to my beauty routine.
This time I decided to try different types of blushes. I bought different drugstore blushes in order to find my next beauty addiction. 

First I started with the classics. Compact blushes have been in the market since forever and they have never let us down. Seventeen's blush is really good and gives a natural look, MUA's blush needs to apply it several times in order to give the right look on my face and Revlon's blush was hard on my find and I couldn't apply it very easy. 
In the compact category I would say that we have a clear winner and that's Maybelline's blush. Very easy to apply and gives to my skin a natural look without trying too hard. 

Unfortunately I couldn't find a lot of cream blushes, so I tried only the Max Factor one and I was extremely disappointed. My skin couldn't absorb it well and it made me look like a clown. For oily skins like mine, cream blushes are not the best option. Maybe it works better on dry skin. 

I present to you my new blush obsession! The blush sticks! Collection's blush stick is really good and I use it all the time! It blends really well and gives the most natural look ever. NYC's blush stick is even more amazing! It has a softer texture than the Collection one and it blends in the most natural way. Blush sticks turned out to be the best option for my skin and it only takes a few seconds to apply! You can always have one in your make up bag. 
And remember: Its all up to the brush you are using. A great brush helps to blend the blush and gives you a natural look.