Retinol Moisturizer by Instanatural - Review

For years, I bought night creams but never really used them. Their extremely thick texture made me to politely avoid them. I've always applied them before I went to bed and the creams always landed on my pillow instead of my face. So not only I had no cream on my face, I had to wash my pillow case the day after. That's why I was so sceptical when Instanatural suggested* I should try their Retinol Moisturizer. Would I have to wash my pillow case again? 

But what a pleasant surprise! The texture of the cream is so light that my skin absorbs it in seconds! No more cream for you my dearest pillow case!
And it's not only the texture that's amazing. Every morning I wake up and I look fresher and younger. My friends started asking me what's going on. Well, now my secret is out. It's my new night cream and it's amazing! 
Important tip: You can wear it during the day, but you'll have to wear sunscreen as the cream contains Retinol which may make your skin susceptible to the sun. 

*I received this product for free for my honest and unbiased feedback

London Fashion Weekend (September 2015)

Last season my London Fashion Weekend experience wasn't that good. (You can read about it here).
 So this time I was determined to have a good time. I booked my tickets early, I
found tickets for the front row, I planned my outfit weeks before and I went to the Saatchi Gallery, as they changed the venue this season. 
First of all, Saatchi Gallery is a nice place to be, but not as spacious as Somerset House and it's a bit inconvenient that you can't hang around and have a coffee or a meal. You could only order coffee or tea and drink it standing on heels or just step outside for a bite (not cool). 

Other than that, the event was great. I watched the Very Exclusive catwalk, where we were introduced to the four most important trends for AW15 (Into the Wild, Shades of Marsala, Super Retro and Punk).

Then I runned to watch my fellow Greek and amazing designer Mary Katrantzou talking about her career and her life journey.

I had the chance to talk to her during the Q&A and she said "Γεια!" (a greek word for "Hello"). I really love Mary Katrantzou's work and I really liked that during the talk she was so pleasant and sweet and it was a real pleasure listening to her. 

Then it was time for the usual shopping or let's say browsing... As I am always on a strict budget, I only bought some cosmetics from Maybelline and some necklaces from some independent designers. 


But it was time for Peter Pilotto's fashion show. And what an amazing fashion show it was. I've already opened a savings account in order to be able to buy this wonderful white dress.

 I like this brand because they combine, in such a unique way, the girly with the minimal and the vintage with the modern. The cuts and the colour combinations are so original that you know straight away that this is a Peter Pilotto outfit. 

 After the show, I drunk a glass of prosecco and sat next to some models. And while I was wondering if those girls ate anything all day, I realised that a chubby girl like need to go and eat. So I took my fabulous goody bag (designed by Mary Katrantzou) and went to eat a delicious spaghetti!

Now, that's what I call a perfect day: fashion and food!