Jewellery for New Mums!

Before I had my daughter I was very into jewellery. I used to work for a jewellery company anyway, so I loved accessorize my outfits. A simple black dress could looks so elevated with the right kind of jewellery. But, after giving birth to my daughter everything changed. I couldn't wear any jewellery! Not only I was living in baggy jeans and jumpers, I couldn't accessorize my outfits any more. 
Rings, were out of the question since all the time I was washing something. Bottles, hands after nappy changing and evening baths. No way for necklaces either, because I was constantly holding a baby who was pulling anything that was in her reach. And of course I couldn't wear a bracelet either, because it would be out my hand in seconds. 
And then, something magic happened: I've discovered teething jewellery! 

Baby Sweet Pea

What is teething jewellery? It's usually necklaces or bracelets made from baby safe materials so your little one can chew them and do whatever they want with them! So basically you have two in one: something for your baby to chew while he's teething and something pretty to compliment your outfit. 

Rankin Rocks

The best part for me is that you can find some really pretty designs in very fashionable colours. There are a few brands out there, created by mums, which can really surprise you with their choice of colour and design. No one will ever notice that these are made from silicone! 

Chewie Cat

Even though my daughter now is almost 2 years old and she's not so obssessed anymore with pulling off anything that I wear, I still wear my teething jewellery because they are super cute! When I go for coffee with friends, I just take off my jewellery and give them to my little one so I can keep her occupied and have a proper chat with my friends. Everybody wins! 

Dottie and Boo

You can find teething jewellery in many places now, but I much prefer to support fellow mums who runs their own amazing business while running behind children at the same time. You can click on the captions on the images above to check out my favorites.