Review: Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask by Forever

As many of you know, I love trying new beauty products. The beauty industry has evolved so much the last few years it's hard to keep up with all the new products and developments. So this time I've tried out this face mask from Forever and I have to say I'm quite impressed! My face after this mask felt so soft and look so fresh and shiny, I looked at least five years younger! 

After I've done a bit of research, I've found out that this product is environmental - friendly and it's a nice combination of technology and natural ingredients. I believe this combination will be the future in beauty anyway. Trying to find new ways to use nature without abusing it.
Since this is not an ordinary mask, it's really important to follow the instructions on how to use it. I was so confused with all the layers, but my beauty consultant was very helpful. I'm posting the instructions here, just in case you need them: 
1. Open pouch and unfold mask
2. The mask is protected by woven fabric on each side. Remove one layer and discard it.
3. Apply the mask to face. Gently press to ensure it fits securely. 
4. Remove the second layer of woven fabric and discard it. 
5. Remove and discard the mask after about 20 minutes. There's no need to rinse, simply massage the remaining product into the face. The sensation is amazing! 
You won't be able to find this product on the high street because Forever is a direct sales company so you can click here to order.