Remembering Oscar de la Renta: A true fashion poet!

 Carrie Bradshaw on a “Sex and the City” episode had said it right: an Oscar de la Renta dress is real poetry. Oscar knew how to make “poetry” on every kind of fabric and he did it in his own unique way. He was a fashion designer who knew how to combine the old fashioned elegance with all the new trends and knew how to translate it to the simplest clothes but also to those magnificent red carpet gowns.

 No wonder he was the favorite designer of all our favorite movie stars. Oscar de la Renta knew very well that if you want to be a great designer you have to be, first of all, a really good tailor and he had worked hard to learn how to treat and respect every fabric.

He worked in the fashion business for 50 years with dignity, success and mostly politeness. Before he become a successful and loveable designer of all the stars, he had worked for big fashion houses such as Balenciaga, Lanvin and Balmain, that influenced his style and made him the great designer that we knew today. But his talent was so big that it couldn’t be restrained, so in 1966 he started his own brand and he was successful from the very beginning. Almost all the first ladies of the White House had been dressed by him from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama. But we all know his special relationship with Hilary Clinton since the Clintons had honored him with two exhibitions in the Clinton foundation.

 But his talent couldn’t be restrained only in clothes so he expanded his brand into shoes, accessories, fragrances and even invitations! His Dominican origin played a significant part in his designs and his ability to make the simplest thing look more alive and beautiful.

If anyone sees pictures of his houses in New York, Los Angeles and Dominican Republic will understand when I say he gave life to everything around him. His smile was the biggest proof of his sweetness and his beautiful soul that shared with the world.

We will never forget him and we will always consider ourselves as “Oscar girls” that had their favorite magician that made us beautiful and made our world sparkle!

By Lina Grivogianni