Copy the look of: Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham looks fabulous ALL THE TIME. Her styling on the red carpet, on a tv appearance or even when she's just walking on the street is always elegant and fashionable. 
But since the most of us can't afford all those amazing designer pieces that she wears, I found out how to copy this great girly look without spending a fortune and without having to be a size 0 to wear it.

 First of all we need a plain white top (Topshop £30) so we can leave the "attention" to the bright skirt. 

This midi flowery skirt from (£29) gives the same girly effect as Victoria Beckham's look without having to spend your whole paycheck.

Victoria likes to go really high when it comes to shoes, but I guess she doesn't have to walk 4 blocks to get to the tube station, so I picked a lower version of her high platforms from Boohoo (£25). 

And last but not least the necessary white belt to emphasize our waist from New Look (£2.99).