Style evolution: Natalie Portman

The first day I moved to London I left my luggage at my new home and went for lunch with couple of friends to celebrate. And there she was... Natalie Portman walking around Soho with her husband and her kid. And yes, she is as beautiful as you think she is and she is as skinny as you think she is (and hate her for it.).
So today is Natalie Portman's birthday and we are remembering her style evolution on the red carpet. She started as a teen star and evolved to an elegant Oscar winner actress. She always tries new things on the red carpet without being too bold on her choices. She usually wears Dior, Lanvin and Rodarte. She even wore a $40 dress from Target on the red carpet! 
What I love the most about her style is that when it comes to hair and make up she always keep it simple and she always wear the most amazing shoes! (I want them all!) 

Teen star in 2004

Gloden Globes 2005

Oscars 2005 wearing the amazing Grecian Lanvin dress

In 2005 wearing Chanel

2008 wearing Rodarte

In 2008 wearing Lanvin


In Givenchy

2009 in Lanvin

The famous $40 Target dress!

Looking amazing with Rodarte

Wearing a dramatic Dior dress

Expecting a girl and winning a SAG Award