My very own Leather Satchel - Review

About a month ago I went to the London Coffee Festival even though I don't drink coffee. But everyone else can't live without coffee, so we went and it turned out to be really fun! Coffees, teas, food, music, unique refreshments and many amazing fashion brands! 
So while everyone else tried 100 different types of coffee, I wandered around all those amazing craftmen and their unique fashion items. 
So I visited The Leather Satchel Company's area and I didn't want to leave! I love satchels and I think they never go out of style. But being constantly on a budget I couldn't invest to a good quality one. But I just got promoted so I thought I could reward myself for once. 
So I bought this classic black satchel that I can match it with almost everything. If you see it upclose you will be amazed of the hand craftmanship. The design is very classic but very up to date at the same time and every single detail "shouts" the quality of the leather. 
And it gets better... They told me they can put my initials on it, free of charge! It doesn't get more personilized than that! Because of the festival they give me a discount, they were extremely friendly and they even offered me craftmanship guarantee. 
I've already started saving for my next one. I think I will go for a funky color the next time... 

You can check, buy or fall in love with their work here