Stripes: Can we actually wear the trend?

Stripes. When a curvy girl, like me, hear this word the first thing that comes to her mind is: NO. 
And the reason is simple. Stripes on clothes can be tricky. They might emphasize parts of your body that not only you don't want to emphasize but you want them disappear forever and ever. But stripes are everywhere this season, so it got me thinking. What if I could find a way to incorporate stripes into my wardrobe without doubling my size?

1. Vertical Stripes

ASOS Wide leg trousers £40
That's the easy way to get away with stripes. Horizontal stripes can make you look taller and slimmer. Don't forget your heels! 

2. Thin stripes

Η&Μ Shirt dress £15
Since stripes is a big trend this season and by the looks of it, it will be on trend for more seasons to come, high street brands have been very resourceful when it comes to the types of stripes you see on clothes. So you can find thinner stripes that won't give you volume in all the wrong places.

3. Stripes in all the right places

ZARA Top £25.99
You can wear stripes on a part of your body that you're not afraid to emphasize. A loose striped top is usually the safest choice. 
H&M Knit top £9
I bought this top from the sales rack at H&M for only £9 and I'm really happy with the fit. I'm going to wear it with white trousers, sandals and a panama hat and I'm ready for the Greek Islands!