The Old Spitalfields Market: my visit

To be honest I don't go to markets very often. Not because I don't like them but mostly because I don't trust myself. I see all those amazing and unique stuff hanging around and I go crazy!
A few weeks ago I had the weekend off and the weather was lovely so I decided to go to the Old Spitalfields Market which every Saturday is more vintage oriented. 

The Old Spitalfields Market is different than the other markets. It is covered so it can protect itself from the crazy english weather. There has been a market on the site for over 350 years but in 1991 it gave its name to New Spitalfields Market in Leyton where fruits and vegetables are now traded. 
The market is very well organized and it's really hard to get lost in it. You may loose the chaotic and charming atmosphere of other markets but still you can find amazing items. 

Especially on Saturdays you can find many vintage style clothes, some of them original, some of them massively manufactured in China, unique jewellery made either from wood, either from musical instruments, dresses made of ties (yes ties!) and watches that cost £10 and they look like Cartier! 
Even the millinery accessories were amazing and the lady who's selling them was kind and very helpful. 
But I was on a budget. I'm planning to go to Paris next month so I can't afford to go crazy with my money. So I went for the bargains. 3 for £10, 2 for £5, all the racks that hold the sale items... that was my focus. Nothing too wild... 

Mostly, I fell in love with a bracelet that they had on sale for only £5. Its very light weighted and it looks fabulous and expensive. 
So if you're looking for a more calm and quiet market without getting yourself exhausted and without worrying about the weather, then this market is for you. I'm definitely going back, next time with more money in my purse.