Cowshed Invigorating Body Lotion - Review

I admit it. I'm obsessed with body lotions. I like to try different brands, differents scents, different textures. I buy them like crazy and I apply them every day on my skin. 
So, when My Little Box arrived and included a body lotion, I got really excited. 
I've heard about the Cowshed brand before, but I never tried any of their products. 
What really grabbed my attention was the scent described on the bottle: essential oils of lemongrass, ginger and rosemary. 
What a weird combination for a body lotion... 
When I started applying the lotion I loved the texture... it was really easy to apply and only took a few seconds for my skin to totally absorbe it. 
But the weird combination of scents was actually pretty weird. It was more like a smell of a delicious meal in the kitchen rather a scent that I would like on my skin.
Overall, this is a good quality lotion but I prefer a more conventional scent.