Things that men don't understand about fashion...


We've know this for a while. Women are from Venus and men are from Mars. In simple words, men and women are different. We don't understand why we have to watch every single sport that exists in the universe and they don't understand fashion. They REALLY don't. 
Spyros Pagiatakis, dj and food blogger (check his blog Live to Bake), tells his side of the story... 

For most men clothes are just clothes and fashion is like a physical phenomenon. It’s like the rain. It just happens. No questions, no explanation! But for most women things are totally different. Fashion is a whole universe and they have not only to live in it, but also to be the brighter star! This universe is located in the magazines, in the fashion blogs and of course into their closets! Closets full of clothes with nothing to wear! I guess that this is the first thing that men don’t really understand about women’s fashion. Of course it’s not just the clothes. It’s also the accessories, the bags, the shoes, the hair, the nails, the lipstick and much much more in this endless list, that guys don’t seem to get and they probably will never do!

This is confusing. Women want all shapes and colours of heels. Men can’t tell the difference between some of them because they are absolutely the same. How many almost identical black stilettos can be in a single closet? What good is to feel taller, more confident an sexier when walking is impossible, falling down is possible and complaining is essential!

Women love their heels because they love to feel sexy! Then one day, they put their uggs on! Logic has left the building! Do you feel sexy looking like Neil Armstrong walking on the moon?

The Big Bag Theory
If your bag is as big as your suitcase there seems to be a problem! They have everything in there! It’s like Noah’s Arc for clothes, shoes, electronic devices, food and everything that comes to mind but it’s like the Titanic when they are looking for something because it’s always at the bottom of the bag!

Fake Nails
You can grow your own, so why bother with the fake stuff? Needless to say about Nail Art and Nail Artists! Seriously art for the nails?

Catwoman looks hot in that leather jumpsuit! Any jumpsuit though won’t make you look like Catwoman! Be carefull because you might end up looking like a plumber or a contrusction worker or a house painter!

Asymmetrical dresses
Asymmetrical? One site above the knee and one side on the floor! So it can be a mini and a maxi dress at the same time! Practical maybe but why? If for any reason a dog chewed your dress, you call this asymetrical or disaster?

Vintage clothes
Q: What’s the sound of a woman standing in front of an open closet?
A: Oh my God! I have nothing to wear!
You don’t like your old clothes because they are old and they look old. Then you go shopping and buy some expensive clothes that look as old as the ones you already have, but you don’t like because they are old! This is called vicious circle and it’s out of fashion since forever!

Harem trousers
Remember 1990? Remember MC Hammer? You Can’t Touch this! So why do you have to wear it?