License to blot by Benefit - Review

My skin is very oily. And when I say oily, I mean very oily. My face "produces" so much oil that I could fry an egg if I wanted to. 
So, as you can imagine, my compact powder is my best friend and I always have to carry it with me. 
When I read that Benefit will release a new product with a unique new technology, that it would able to contol the oiliness of my face I got really excited!! 

The Licence to blot product is a stick that promises to instantly create matte skin and make all those annoying pores disappear. And it does exactly what it promises. The minute I applied it on my skin, I could see the difference between my usual oily skin and my after Benefit stick skin.  

So I applied it before my usual make up routine and my skin really looked matte and healthy. But it didnt feel that way when I touched it. The texture of the stick makes the skin feel a bit greasy but it looks as matte as possible! 

I also applied it on top of my make up and the results were as impressinve as before but still the texture made my face feel weird.  
Overall is a really good and innovative beauty product that the oily skin girls, like me, will definitely appreciate it!