The Jeanne Lanvin exhibition

To be honest, I didn't know a lot about the Lanvin fashion house. But a few days ago, I went to Paris (yay!) and I read about this exhibition which motivated me to learn more about the oldest fashion in Paris that is still in business.

Jeanne Lanvin had been a "quite" fashion designer. Her clothes were so light, so fresh, so elegant that didn't shout but respected and honored the female figure. 

 In this exhibition I got the chance to see innovative designs and dresses more than 100 years old that still can be worn today. 
Also, as I was walking around, surrounding by all these amazing dresses, I could feel that quite but strong vibe of the Lanvin house (founded 1889). Delicate fabrics, exquisite tailoring, immaculate embroidery is a few of the things I noticed while I was looking up close and personal all the dresses. 
My only disappointment was the language. Everything was in French. I learned french, when I was in school but unfortunately I've never practiced the language so I couldn't understand the description that was on display on every dress. 
There is an app, especially made for the exhibition, that you can download for free in order to listen in english very useful information about the exhibition. Unfortunately, it was a bit confusing and it was only for selected pieces and not for the entire collection.   
If you're planning a trip to Paris and you want to learn about an extremely talented designer and learn a bit more about fashion history, then this exhibition is for you! 

The Jeanne Lanvin exhibition
8th March - 23rd August
Palais Galliera
Tickets: 9 €