My daily make up routine

 I'm one of those girls that can't live without make up. Maybe it's my insecurity, maybe it's because I've got used to it through the years, the fact is that I always wear make up. Even if I'm just going to shop groceries!
My daily make up routine is quite basic and simple and it makes me look like I'm not wearing anything.


I always start with my eye cream. These days, I use Revitalift by L'Oreal. I haven't used it before, but since I'm doing a little research about the drugstore eye creams (I'll upload a post about it, soon), I'm using it for the last few days and I'm quite happy with it. 

Then, its time for my day cream. Neurocalm by Lancome is my old time favorite and I'm using it for years. 
While I wait for the cream to dry, I'm picking out my outfit for the day and I prepare my bag. 
After a few minutes, I apply my new Revlon concealer. You can read about how I've choosen my new concealer here.  

The Maybelline foundation is the one that I'm using lately. Even though, it's a bit tricky to apply it, with the right brush this foundation makes my skin look flawless.  

And this is my latest obsession! Best powder ever! It makes my oily skin to look matte but in the most natural way. 
Then I use my Rimmel brow liner and then it's time for the eye shadow.  

I bought this Maybelline palette recently and I'm in love with it. I never use bright eye shadows and this palette is perfect for my taste. It has matte and shimmer colours and the texture is amazing. You can go for a total natural look or even an impressive smokey eye. 
After that, its time for my mascara and then my black eyeliner that I apply under my eye in the most simple way. Then it's time for my lipliner and my lipstick. 
You can check about the products I bought recently here
My daily routine takes about 15-20 minutes and it lasts for many hours.